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10 Swaps for a Healthier Lifestyle - from Fit Tip Daily


Posted by Adria A of Fit Tip Daily under Nutrition on 8 February 2014 at 12:00 AM

Fit Tip DailyMaking changes to your life, your diet, and your exercise routine can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be! Many people try the “All or Nothing” approach. This usually ends badly!  Eating healthy and changing your lifestyle doesn’t have to be a painful transition.  

With these simple health swaps you can get lean and healthy without the torture of being on a “diet.”  Make 2014 your year to get fit and healthy.  

The best way to transform your bad habits is to make some simple healthy changes.  Use these 10 Swaps to get a new, healthier you in 2014.

#1 Swap Out: Sugary Drinks Out 

Add IN:  Flavored Waters 

You don’t have to make this complicated or expensive.   Try using sparkling water then add in a small amount of your favorite fruit juice.   Another great idea is adding fruit to your water for a refreshing twist.   Things like oranges and berries added to a pitcher of water and left over night can add loads of flavor without the carbohydrates and calories.  

4 weeks without soda

#2 Swap Out:  Large Amounts of Cooking Oil 

Add IN: Spray Oils 

Want to cut hundreds of calories from you weekly intake in an instant ?!   Take out those random tablespoons of oil you use to cook!   Swap it for spray oil.  You can get olive oil and even coconut oil in a spray can.   

#3 Swap Out: TV Eating 

Add IN:  Table Eating 

The average person consumes twice as much food when distracted.   That means that a simple change in the location where you eat could make all the difference in your waistband.   Bring your food to the table, enjoy your meals, and focus on the feeling of being full and satisfied! 

#4 Swap Out: Regular Beef 

Add IN:  Grass Fed Beef 

What makes grass fed beef so much better?   The cows are not fed synthetic hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, or genetically modified products.  Beef

Grass fed beef also has four times the amount of omega fats then conventional beef.  

#5 Swap Out: Antacids 

Add In: Probiotics 

Stomach troubles?? Poor Immune System?   Acid reflux, swollen belly, indigestion, and gas?  Time to ditch the Antacids that are contributing to the problem and help solve it with good bacteria that can restore your body instead of break it down.  

#6 Swap Out:  Large Dinner Plate 

Add In:  Smaller Blue Plate 

If you’ve been eating off your standard large dinner plate, then a simple health swap would be to decrease the size!   For an extra deterrent make sure that plate is BLUE !  

“Researchers say the plate that helps you to eat the least amount is one that is blue, that color has the least appealing blend with food.”

Paleo Pyramid#7 Swap Out:  High Carb Meals 

Add IN: 2 -3 days of Paleo Dinners 

Night eating can make or break your results. The easiest way to cut your carbohydrates down is to swap out some of those high carb dinners with some low carb paleo recipes.   Search the web or find a great cookbooks and watch the pounds melt away week by week! 

#8 Swap Out:  The Morning Pastry 

Add In:  A protein rich breakfast

Whether you choose a yogurt or egg white omelets, starting your day with protein and some smart carbohydrates with set the tone for the hours that follow.  Eating Sugar and starchy foods will alter your mood and your energy quickly. Before long, you will be reaching for more high carb foods that keep you craving all day long.

#9 Swap Out: Refined Grains 

Add IN: Whole grains 

You don’t need to cut out grains to lose weight but you do have to choose the right ones and eat them in moderation.   Whole grains are also full of nutrients and fiber.  These include brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal.  Leave out the white breads, white rice and white pasta.  

#10 Swap Out:  Bad Food Rotation 

Add IN:  Smart Eating Plans 

Eating healthy isn’t just about WHAT you eat,  it’s also about HOW you eat. Consuming your vegetables first can make all the difference in how much you eat.  

The golden rule is: veggies first, followed by your protein source, and lastly your carbohydrates.

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