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13 Favorite Natural Energy Sources


Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 25 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

There's been a raging debate going on in the Tribesports community over natural energy sources. No, we're not talking about wind turbines vs. solar panels, we're talking about natural food energy sources!

In the discussion lead by former User of the Week, Tamara A, there were 13 foods which people turn to most often in order to get a little pick-me-up when exercising. These can be broken down into 3 main groups: #1. Nuts #2. Dried Fruit #3. Fresh Fruit


An awesome source of fat and protein, nuts seems to tap into our inner hunter-gatherer type of runner - here are the top 4 nut choice for natural sports energy:

  1. Pistachio - the nut of half-marathon runner, Barry Y, we recommend you go for the pre-shelled option to save you time on the go.

  2. Cashew - Vylisa A recommends cashew for a little nut-powered workout.

  3. Peanuts (Peanut Butter) - a firm favorite with around a quarter of our naturally fuelled sportspeople saying they're powered by peanuts!

  4. Almonds - Jane H claims to have an expensive taste in running snacks.

Next up, there was Coconut water - natural rehydration is the key to best performances for H.I.I.T fanatic, Cindy PAs a drupe (a type of fruit), coconuts didn't fit neatly in our 3 categories of natural energy - so we just tagged it on to nuts!

Dried Fruit

Convenient to carry and long lasting, dried fruit has been recommended by a lot of our distance runners as a handy way to top-up your energy tank without a hassle:

  1. Raisins - another one of the UoW crowd, Ramon F loves a combo of raisins and peanutbutter!

  2. Figs - Tamara's a fan of these little nuggets of energy...

  3. Dates - another very popular choice - rivalling Peanuts in popularity (and that's saying something!)

Fresh Fruit

It seems nothing beats fresh fruit for our natural powered athletes. here are their top 5 for getting a great performance out of your training session:

  1. Bananas - they're our number 1 natural food source - why? BECAUSE THEY'RE GREAT! (and because the majority of the Tribesports users in the discussion agree with us).

  2. Apples - it seems an apple a day keeps a whole lot of sportspeople happy! You just can't beat a "Good ol' juicy apple" - River B (unless of course it's a banana)

  3. Pear - well, if you don't have an apple to hand...

  4. Strawberry - now, we're unsure if this is Nemanja M's favorite natural energy source or if he just really likes them a lot, but we appreciate the recommendation!

  5. Watermelon - the third favorite fresh fruit from the debate, watermelon's definitely a great way to stay hydrated (and it's pretty tasty too!)

So there you have it, 13 natural food sources which Tribesports members power their sport with! What's your best natural energy source?