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2013 Swimming Challenges


Posted by Cags R under Swimming on 27 January 2013 at 12:00 AM

In terms of low impact cardio workouts, you can't beat a good swim! Swimming is an awesome sport, from sprint distances in the pool to open water long distance which is growing ever more popular.

One of our top users Baldy John has set up a series of Challenges to get you swiming in 2013, they range from 50km to 500km and many milestones in between! If you save your swimming for the beach and holidays, time to step up the distances and include it more into your exercise and training routine. Not only is it a great way to stay fit, there are so many variations and strokes to train with that you need never get bored. 

Open water swimmersWhether you're a weekend pool swimmer with your family or a long distance lake swimmer, every kilometre counts towards your total. Open water swimming and pool swimming each have their pros and cons, but see which one you will clock up the longest distances with! 

Open water swimmers: check out the Open Water Swimming Tribe to find great tips from Ironmen to ocean swimmers!

If you struggle with longer distances or consistant swim patterns in your routine, try to designate a certain number of hours a month to tick off Challenge 1 - 50km swim in 2013.

The most efficient stroke in terms of speed/energy efficiencey is front crawl or freestyle. Check out these Tips to improve your front crawl/freestyle

So let's have a look at these Challenges:

Diving into a pool

These are year long Challenges which are here to encourage you to get in the water and hit the biggest swim distances of your life. If you consider yourself a strong swimmer, see if you can tick these seven Challenges off month by month - January with Challenge 1 (50km) and finishing up around August time. Still want a bigger Challenge? How about starting from scratch with each Challenge - your total distance would be 1700km!