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3 reasons to keep off soda for 1 month


Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 31 July 2013 at 3:00 PM

With August just around the corner, we figured it was time to set you a monthly Challenge to keep you eating clean!Can you stay off the soda for 4 weeks?

Need convincing? Here are 3 reasons to keep off the soda for a month (and beyond):

  1. Sugar content - it's no secret that soda's a sweet treat - but with some cans supplying over 40g of sugar, you can easily overshoot your recommended daily allowance from having a can at lunch and one at dinner! 

  2. Your pearly whites - ever asked a dentist if they want a sip of your soda? The stink-eye alone is enough to get you to put the can down! If you're not doing this Challenge for your health, do it for your dentist.

  3. Hydration - sodas (both diet and sugary ones) are not as hydrating as drinking water. If you've been supplementing your recommended 2 litres of water per day with soda, you'll actually be depriving your skin of the natural boost of proper hydration.

Ready for the Challenge? Take it now - 4 weeks with no soda - go, go. GO!