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3 Tips for Mud Run Survival #SayItWithSweat


Posted by Cags R under Adventure Racing on 18 January 2014 at 12:00 AM

Is your New Year's Resolution to go out and get muddy in 2014? Then look no further weekend warriors, here are some top tips for mud run survival!

#1. Dress to compete - sure, a mud run's no place to be wearing your Sunday Best, but if you want to perform well, you better be dressed for it! Wearing light, wicking fabrics will keep you drier and won't get water logged at your first obstacle:Tribesports Tech Tee LS Mud Run

@sdaddy running at Grim Challenge - keeping himself warm with the Performance Tech Tee

Avoid mud run fashion disasters by following these simple rules:

  • No Cotton - this water-loving fabric will grab water and cling on to it! Especially relevant in the shorts - take it from seasoned mud runner @MuddyJ:
    Muddy J"While jumping up out of the water to conquer a floating obstacle during the Burnett Spartan Sprint, I discovered I hadn't quite tied my running shorts tightly enough and they managed to stay close to the level of the surface as I flipped up and over the barrier...only my ankles stopped them from floating away....

    Luckily I was only out of the water with my bare butt in the air a few seconds before splashing back into the water on the other side."
  • No White - especially on top, ladies! Not only is it tough to get your whites "whiter-than-white" ever again but they do tend to go see-through!

  • No Very new OR very old footwear - go into the race with footwear you've tried and tested but aren't past their best. If you're trying out minimalist running shoes, make sure you can comfortably run the distance in them before you step up to the start line in them.
    Tribesports Performance Tights, Muddy

#2. Find the right race for you - ask yourself, "Why do I want to do a mud race?" - and find a race race which suits you. Obstacle races will all vary in length, difficulty and attitude, make sure you're running one which will meet your expectations and allow you to make the most out of the experience:

  • I want to really push my limits - if you want to come out of a race feeling like an utter champion, then look for longer distances, tons of obstacles and maybe more extreme obstacle options - big names such as Total Warrior, Spartan and Tough Guy are good examples of limit-pushing races.

  • My friends are all doing it - not in a peer-pressure-y way, but as a team! Big races such as Tough Mudder are renowned for having no timers, just teamwork. Alternatively there are women-only races like Dirty Girl which get your sister, your mom and your best friend working together and getting filthy! Team limber up for Survival of the Fittest in Tribesports Performance Wear
    The team from limber up for their Survival of the Fittest race - nothing like an obstacle race for a bit of work bonding!

  • I want to see myself improve - monthly time trial events, such as Nuclear Races, mean you can track your progress in the build up to the big event. Each month, you can take on obstacles and see if your training is paying off!

    "What makes @TheNuclearRaces so good? Very different, fun, great full body workout, lovely people" @The_Willsdog

#3. Train smart - know what obstacles will be thrown at you in your race and train for them! Invariably, mud races involve some element of running, but a lot of people neglect to train is their upper body which will help them get up and over tough obstacles. Add the Obstacle Strength Workout to your training and smash those obstacles!

Rugged maniac

Track all your training using the new Tribesports Training App and get ready for the mud!

What's your top mud run survival tip? Share it in the comments below!