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30 Day Push-Up Challenge


Posted by Adrian K under Fitness & Training on 1 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

Want to add some variety to your upper body training? We have 20 different types of push-ups to log on Tribesports so we've put together this 30 day program which highlights and introduces some new options for push-ups. Add this Challenge to your regular training to expand your push-up portfolio.

30 Day Push-Up Variations Challenge

Take the 30 Day Push-Up Variations Challenge now

The Challenge requires a base level of upper body strength - being able to complete at least one set of 5 to 10 full depth push-ups is a good starting point to put you on track with this month-long Challenge. If you're not yet able to do full push-ups, incline push-ups are the best way to progress the exercise until you can perform full push-ups.

Why incline rather than modified? 

There's a great article on "Girl" push-ups by Syatt Fitness which goes into great detail as to why modified push-ups are a poor method to progress to full push-ups, check out the article and give author Jordan S a follow here on Tribesports. The point emphasized in the article is - moving from knees to full push-ups has no in-between step, if you can do modified but aren't yet able to do full push-ups, you'll be trapped in limbo - smashing out high reps of modified push-ups but still weak when it comes to full push-ups. That's where incline push-ups provide a more useful progression - with your hands raised, you can support more of your weight with your legs, learn the correct form and gradually lower the elevation until you are performing full push-ups.

Other Variations

The month long Challenge will gradually introduce more difficult variations of push ups into your training.

One Leg Push Ups - Increase the resistance and engage your core more by raising one leg up behind you to add extra weight to your push ups.

Diamond Push Ups

Diamon Push Ups

Engage your triceps more and challenge your balance by placing your hands next to each other in a diamond shape as you do your push ups.

Plyo Push Ups - A more explosive push up variation. You need to accelerate your body quickly so that your hands leave the floor and land on a raised platform outside of your original hand placement.

Ready to expand your push-up varieties? Take the Challenge now!