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31 Day Pull-Up Challenge


Posted by Adrian K under Fitness & Training on 30 September 2013 at 11:00 PM

This month, we're tackling one of the toughest body weight exercises and really focusing on how to achieve consistent, full range of motion and good form PULL UPS!

To achieve this, we've broken down the seemingly impossible exercise into a 31 day program including a mix of body weight exercises which will build your strength so at the end of the month you'll be able to perform at least 1 full pull-up:

October Calendar Pull Ups

How to perform the 31 Day Pull-Up Challenge:

  • Max Effort means performing as many good form reps as possible without a break in the set.

  • Always aim to complete “total reps”” in as few sets as possible. 

  • % of max reps = % of Max Effort set e.g. if you managed to do 50, 40% = 20 reps in the following sets.

How does the Challenge work?

  • We are sticking to body weight exercises, so that the Challenge is as accessible as possible. (Those of you with gym access would benefit greatly from lat pulldowns and bent over rows)

  • The Challenge has three phases lasting roughly 10 days each, focusing on getting stronger through different pull up progression exercises

  • In each phase, the total volume (reps performed) of the main exercise will gradually increase, before introducing a harder variation at lower volume

  • Assistance exercises and variations like dead hangs and flexed arm hangs are also included to develop your strength in different areas

  • Pushing movements, lower body exercises and core exercises are also included and will assist you in your quest for the pull up, in addition to rounding out the approach

The purpose of the 31 day pull-up Challenge:

There has been a massive rise in the popularity of "30 day Challenges" in online fitness communities, we've seen them for abs, arms and of course - the original 30 day squat Challenge

The format of month-long fitness programs is very straight forward, simple and easy to follow. As a result they are a great motivator for newcomers to fitness - helping to ease untrained beginners, and those just starting out on their fitness journey to develop a regular exercise habit.

However, these programs often lack progression (making exercises more challenging - and therefore making you stronger. These problems are difficult to overcome when trying to tailor an exercise program for a mass audience in a specific 30 day format - everyone will have different levels of strength, fitness and endurance and it’s difficult to create a universal program (that won’t confuse or intimidate the majority of beginner trainees).

That’s why the 31 day Pull-Up Challenge is a compromise somewhere in between; a progressive plan that aims to help the average trainee who cannot yet perform one full pull-up, develop their strength to the point where they can perform at least one, over the course of one month all presented in the same user friendly format that you know and love!

Ready for the Challenge? Take it today and perform a full pull-up by Halloween!