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45 Squat Variations: How many are you training with?


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training, Weight Training (Strength Training) on 15 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

We all know that Tribesports users love squats - but how many of these 45 squat variations have you trained with?45 Squat Variations

Now, to make this fair, let's go through the varieties alphabetically! Take a seat (or a wall squat) and share how many you've done in the comments below:

  1. Full depth barbell squatsBarbell back squats full depth - great for Olympic weightlifters and other athletes who want to train with the full range of motion with a barbell

  2. Barbell back squats to parallel - the squat of choice for powerlifters and most gym goers, pause as your upper thighs become parallel to the floor and drive back up

  3. Barbell box squats - the perfect barbell squat for beginners, learn the technique with the security of have a box there for guidance

  4. Barbell Bulgarian split squats - this unilateral compound exercise focuses the weight of the bar on one leg at a time by raising one leg behind you on a box

  5. Barbell front squatsBarbell front squats - another one favoured by Olympic lifters, resting the bar on the front of the shoulders. This ones really tough on your core

  6. Barbell front squats to box - the beginner variation of front squats

  7. Barbell overhead squats - one of the toughest squat variations which requires flexibility and strength in the arms and shoulders to hold the weight overhead

  8. barbell split squatsBarbell split squats"what's the difference between a split squat and a lunge?!" we hear you cry! Well, lunges are stepped into and out of with each rep whereas split squats keep your feet planted throughout the set

  9. Body weight Bulgarian split squats - let's ditch the barbell for a while and talk body weight! The Bulgarian split squat raises your back leg and works one leg at a time

  10. Body weight squats - no fuss, straight talking, body weight squats - they're a classic for a reason

  11. Body weight sumo squats - set your feet wider apart and engage your glutes more

  12. Bulgarian bag back squats - using a similar technique to the barbell back squat, set the bag across your shoulders and squat away!

  13. Bulgarian bag front squats - grip the bag up on your shoulders and keeep those elbows high for the Bulgarian front squat

  14. Bulgarian bag squat jumpsusing the same stance as the Bulgarian bag back squat, jump up out of the squat

  15. Bulgarian bag zercher squats - cradle the bag in the crook of your arms squat

  16. Dumbbell Bulgarian split squats - getting the jist of this? Yep, one foot raised behind you but this time with dumbbells!

  17. Dumbbell front squats - a great progression step to heavier loads on barbell, hold the dumbbells to your shoulders and work on your wrist flexibility

  18. Dumbbell goblet squats - squat with a dumbbell held out in front of yourself to add light resistance to the squat and work your core

  19. Dumbbell sumo squats - stand in a wide stance and hold a dumbbell between your legs whilst you squat

  20. Exercise ball wall squat - a wall squat performed against an exercise ball, means you can't lean back as much for support and need to use your legs more!

  21. Full depth squat sit - a good stretch you can use to improve your flexibility for full depth squatting and Olympic weightlifting, or to improve your mobility in general

  22. Hack squats - squat down to grip a barbell behind yourself from the floor and stand up!

  23. Hack squats machine - squats perfomed whilst your shoulders are locked into a machine to shift the weight

  24. Kettlebell front squats - front squats performed with kettlbells resting on the front of your shoulders, supported by the hands

  25. Kettlebell goblet squats - hold a kettlebell out in front of your torso with your arms to add resistance and really challenge your core

  26. Kettlebell pistol squats - pistol squats are already tough, if you're feeling really hardcore you can add more resistance with a kettlebell..
  27. Medicine ball squats - squat whilst holding a medicine ball for added resistance

  28. Medicine ball squat throws - squat with the medicine ball, throw it up so it bounces off a wall above you, catch it and repeat

  29. One legged wall squat - a wall squat held on one leg - extra difficult!

  30. Pistol SquatPartner fireman squats - no weights, no problem. Pick up a partner in a fireman hold and squat them for reps

  31. Pistol squats - one legged squats make the resistance of your bodyweight seem much more challenging!

  32. Power Plate isometric squat - hold the squat position whilst the Power Plate vibrates underneath you

  33. Resistance band squats - squats using a highly portable form of resistance 

  34. Sandbag back squats - squat down whilst supporting the weight of a sandbag across the back of your shoulders

  35. Sandbag bearhug squats - squeeze a sandbag tight in a "Bear Hug" and squat

  36. Sandbag front squats - keep your elbows pointed in front of yourself and rest the sandbag on the top of the front of your shoulders. Challenging on the core

  37. Sandbag squat jumps - sandbags are perfect for this explosive movement

  38. Sandbag zercher squats - cradle the bag in the crook of your arms squat

  39. Smith machine squats - squats performed inside a smith machine

  40. Squat hops - hop up and down whilst sitting at the bottom of a deep squat

  41. Squat jumps - an explosive bodyweight move, squat then explode up into a jump

  42. Wall squatSquat lockouts - favoured by Powerlifters to train the top portion (or lockout) of their lift

  43. TRX squats - sit back into your squat whilst using the TRX straps for balance and support

  44. Wall squat - sit with your legs parallel to the ground, your back resting on a wall. Hold the position for time!

  45. Zercher squats - squat with a loaded barbell supported in front of your abdomen, in the crooks of your elbows

So, how many of our 45 do you train with? Share your favorite variation in the comments below!