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5 Challenges to improve your boxing


Posted by Cags R under Boxing on 18 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

Have you ever noticed how it only takes Rocky 2 minutes 44 seconds to get into shape? Boxing requires all round fitness, with training that mixes high intensity anaerobic exercises with cardio vascular endurance - make sure you can last the full 10 rounds! Here are 5 Challenges to get you fighting fit (though these will definitely require a little more time than the classic 2:44).

Learn how to get into you stance: the basics 

Before starting any fist throwing, make sure your stance is right - the boxing stance gives you a solid base for balance and also decreases the size of your body as a target. 

Your weight should be on the balls of your feet which allows you to change your position much faster than if your heels were planted on the floor.

Check out the instructional video to make sure you've got the basics. 

Basic Boxing footwork drills

Now that you've learnt the stance, get comfortable moving around in it. This Challenge will help you develop quick feet and the short circuit times reflect the type of endurance requires in a boxing ring.

5 rounds of skipping with speed

Speed skipping is another great way to improve your footwork in the gym. Staying light on your feet is vital to avoid the dreaded whip-effect of getting hit by your own rope!

60 minute endurance training

This is a great circuit which will work your shoulder strength along with developing your core. Boxing takes amazing shoulder endurance - especially when you've got your gloves on - so this Challenge wil help you develop fluid, consistent movement, building your endurance so your last round is as fresh as your first. 

Amateur Punchout Challenge

This Challenge works straight, hook and uppercut punches for 2 minutes each round. Stay in stance and don't drop your guard!