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5 festive sporting traditions from around the world


Posted by Cags R under General on 15 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

Christmas time is not all about eating too much, wearing awesome woolly jumpers, religion and family time, it's also the time of year where anything can become a tradition!

'We must go skating again, it's our Christmas tradition!' or 'Of course we'll play tag football today, it's Christmas!' - does this sound familiar? We've been looking all over the globe for fun sporting traditions for the festive season, from centuries old tradition to recent history in the making, we've got some top ideas for you to enjoy.

1. Silent Night

For 2 decades, Taylor University, Indiana, has played host to the Silent Night basketball game. The crowd must sit in silent suspense whilst the teams play the first 10 points. As soon as that 10th point is won, however, the crowd goes CRAZY!!

2. San Juan Hogueras Festival

The Saint's day of John the Apostle in Spain is celebrated each year on the 21st December. The festival is celebrated primarily in Granada and Jaén; the Spanish jump over bonfires [obligatary don't try this at home message!] to celebrate life and the defeat of illness. It is celebrated on the winter solstice and is a tradition that is older than Christmas itself!

Fire jumping Hogueras

Beach santa!

3. Australian Beach Christmas

As all good Aussies know, Christmas is no time to be roasting chestnuts on an open fire - stick a turkey breast on that barbie and let it char!

This is a special shout out to users like Jane H who are sick to death of our 'brrrrrrr it's cold' festive attitude; beach Christmases involve all your favourite beach sports, Aussie rules footy, volleyball, surfing, you name it! Look out for some Aussie Christmas photos in the Festive Fitness Snaps Challenge.

4. Christmas Day Serpentine Swim

This is a tradition where the Australian summer would be a God send! The same waters which hosted the Olympic 10k swim this summer has been used for nearly 150 years for the annual Christmas day swim. The water temperature is usually around 1°C and wetsuits are seen as cheating! 

Serpentine Swimmers Christmas Day

We've caught up with some of these Serpentine swimmers to find out why they love cold water swimming - look for the blog post coming soon!

5. The Piñata

This Mexican game is a classic for a reason! Traditionally, Christmas piñatas will be star shaped and symbolise the star of Bethlehem. Whether you can hit a baseball out the park doesn't matter with a piñata - when you're blind folded and dizzy, a more useful skill would be to master the Stand on one leg with your eyes closed Challenge. Thanks go to Paris F for this festive tradition suggestion which combines hitting stuff with a stick and candy - we make that a win-win situation!


Share your favourite Christmas traditions in the We Love Christmas Tribe!

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    Too right Cags, cricket in the backyard or at the beach is a tradition, perfect to burn a few calories after the Christmas lunch. Many Aussies have adapted the traditional roast and Christmas pudding to suit the warm weather Downunder, and enjoy seafood and salads, followed by the crowd pleaser, the pavlova. My daughters always look forward to their new bikini and thongs in their Christmas stocking. Christmas cheers to everyone, whether you are enjoying cuddling up by the fire, or sweltering in the Summer sun :)

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    I like to go for a jog on Christmas morning, it is always so lovely and peaceful.

    Nick B encouraged this.


    My early years were dominated by traditional Boxing Day horse racing either at Kempton or Leopardstown. But now I'm with Leigh on the peace and quite run on Christmas morning and also a bike ride on Boxing Day morning. Quite fancy the fire jumping though. I also use to go to Newgrange at sun rise on the 21st to witness the passage tomb be illuminated by the sun as it rises on the south side of the Boyne Valley.


    A swim in the Serpentine... I'd definitely have to cheat and I think even wear a dry suit rather then a wet suit - 1 degree... I'm far too much of a wimp!

    Jennifer P encouraged this.


    @rosek is off for a Serpentine dip on Friday - it is far from bikini weather though!

    Jennifer P encouraged this.

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