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5 Mud Race Tips For Beginners


Posted by Cags R under Adventure Racing on 17 November 2012 at 12:00 AM

Mud races have become hugely popular across the globe and there's a whole range of possibilities out there for you to try out. Last week, some of the Tribesports team went along to Brooks HellRunner: Hell Down South to take on one of the muddiest, hilliest and generally brutal mud runs in the London area!

Here are our top 5 tips on how you can prepare for your first race if you are a beginner:

  1. Research the course - going into an obstacle or mud race is lots of fun but be sure to check the vital statistics of the course before signing up; how long is the course? How many obstacle will you be facing? What calibre of sports people partake? How far away is it - the Tribesports team at 6.30am on a train out of Waterloo is not a pretty sight! Check out the full guide of what should you check before entering your first mud race.

  2. Wear the right clothes - the usual rules of race day wardrobe have to be slightly altered to take into acccount that anything you wear will become much, much heavier as it gets wet and caked in mud! Here's a run down of "do"s and "don't"s for what to wear in a mud race.
    Muddy Tribesports Tshirt
    So muddy! Those Tribesports Tshirts are a devil to get white again!

    If you're planning to go for fancy dress in your mud race then the most important thing to do is smile for the cameras! 
    Mankini in Hellrunner event
    It takes a brave man to wear a mankini in the Bog of Doom in HellRunner events - hats off to this nun too; that costume must weigh a tonne now!

  3. If you race as a team then train as a team - when the Tribesports team enter a race, comradery is left at the door, however there are many people who love to race as a team when it comes to mud races and adventure events! One thing that was evident in the Hell Down South race was that many teams had not trained together. This resulted in the fitter team members waiting at the top of obstacles and hills whilst their less-fit team mate muttered under their breath! Here's our article on Race day etiquette when it comes to friends and training partners.
    Tribesports Team before mud race - Hell Down South
    Team on the start line and never after! Moments after this photo was taken we were clawing our way to the front to get good starting position for our first mud race!
  4. Bog of doom mud raceTrain in similar terrain - if you have researched the course then you should get an idea of how hilly a mud race is, whether you'll be on road (unlikely!), main trails, woodland paths or completely off the map! If possible you should try and train in similar conditions, road running, treadmill running and trail running are very different in terms of your level of concentration required, your running gait and stride length. 

    Jack A emerges from the Bog of Doom - definitely a different running style than his usual trail running!

    Hellrunner sand dunes
    Not only did we have to run through mud and over hills, the course ended with a mile long run in the sand too. 

  5. Enjoy the race! These events are supposed to be fun - when it gets to race day, all you can do is enjoy it. Out of our 7 runners last Sunday, we'd all do another mud race in the future. The event was really well run, start times were prompt and the gun to signal 11am for the Remembrance day silence was much appreciated. All in all, lots of happy, muddy racers!
    Mud racers and HellRunners