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5 Pre-run meals: what are Tribesports eating?


Posted by Cags R under Nutrition, Running on 14 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

To eat or not to eat? That is the question. For many, running on empty is unthinkable - for others the idea of a full meal before running is stomach turning. So what are the Tribesports users' views on pre-run food?

In the Sports Nutrition Tribe there's a discussion on what is the best food before going on a 10km run, here's a breakdown of the top recommended pre-run foods:

  1. Bananas - what's not to love about them? Versatile enough to go ontop of cereals, into smoothies or even turned into a calorific and totally indulgent split - the banana is one of our most commonly recommended power foods to have before a run.
    What's in it? One medium sized banana (~118g)  contains:
    105 calories - roughly 93% carb, 3% fat and 4% protein
    Why it's good:
    the mix of carbohydrates in bananas (dietary fibre, starch and sugar) means that it contains both fast and slow release energy - perfect for topping up the tank.

  2. Oatmeal - ok so not the most flavoursome of our pre-run food choices but easy to jazz-up and also full of 'last-all-day' goodness! 
    What's in it? 1 cup (~234g) of oatmeal made with boiling water contains:
    166 calories - 70% carbs, 18% fat and 12% protein
    Why it's good: the predominantly starch based carbohydrates of oatmeal mean that it is perfect for slow release energy. Although the fat percentage may look high these are mostly unsaturated fats which are the good kind!

  3. Nutella (chocolate spread) - does it even need an introduction? If you are on a low carb, low fat diet then look away now! 
    What's in it? 2 tablespoons (37g) of Nutella contains:
    200 calories - 47% carb, 49% fat, 4% protein
    Why it's good: if you're running to lose weight then forget Nutella, but if you're a regular runner looking for a quick dose of calories then get yourself a jar and enjoy in wholemeal wraps as recommended by Simon P!

  4. Peanut Butter - another spread for making the easy carbs of wholemeal toast go further, peanut butter is deadly to some but delicious to others! 
    What's in it? A 28g portion (technically named a schmear and a half) contains:
    177 calories - 12% carb, 75 fat, 13% protein
    Why it's good: peanut butter is a high doss of calories in a small hit so is great for getting calories in without filling up and having to run on a full stomach. It is salty and so is a good snack to have before you start to sweat your socks off!

  5. Pasta - the famous go-to carb loader but actually not one of the top recommendations from Tribesports users. Although it gets it's obligatory shout out, the myth that you have to eat pasta before a long run is being rejected and in its place we have a wide range of options for you to sink your teeth into. Don't get me wrong, pasta is still a great source of carbohydrate but it's not your only option however it should be consumed a good few hours before exercise and with plenty of water to keep your hydration up to scratch.
    What's in it? In 200g dried pasta you will find:
    714 calories - 89% carbs, 5% fats, 6% protein
    Why it's good: a solid source of carbs which is ideal for a slow release energy throughout your training session. With this portion size you should eat a couple of hours before exercise for best performance results.