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5 Skin care tips from Tribesports


Posted by Cags R under General on 14 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

What changes does your skin go through during and after exercise? Check out these tips from the Tribesports community on how to care for your skin whilst training.

Exercise has been shown to improve the complexion of your skin; the increased blood flow around your body keeps your skin in a good supply of oxygen and nutrients. This is because of vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) which is your body's natural cooling system; your skin gets a better supply of blood whilst your body tries to dissipate the heat from your workout by increasing exposure to the air.

So exercise is good for your skin, then why can active people still have bad skin? Your actions immediately after exercise can have a negative effect of the condition of your skin; if you do not rehydrate after training this can leave your skin very dry, open pores can trap dirt and showering too often can be harsh on your skin - it's a minefield out there! 

Here are 5 tips straight from the Athlete Beauty and the Beast Tribe on how to keep your skin healthy:

  1. Water - by drinking 2 litres of water per day your skin will remain hydrated. If you are in an air-conditioned or very hot environment then you should drink more water to ensure the drier air is not having a negative effect on your skin. If you struggle with getting in your 2 litres a day, take on the Challenge for a month to get in the habit!

  2. Monounsaturated fatty acids - aka MUFAs are the natural fats found in foods such as avocado, coconut, seeds and olives. Including these in your diet is a great source of 'good' cholesterol and Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps collagen production which keeps skin looking young and helps with the natural balance of your skin's oil.

  3. Exfoliating - getting rid of your dead skin leaves you looking fresh. Be careful not to over do it though as you can just leave yourself too raw, especially if you have spot-prone skin. Maca P and Ruth C recommend dry brushing - using a natural bristled brush, work up towards your heart for improved circulation (more blood to the skin) and exfoliate away your dead, dry skin.
  4. Moisturizing - Cindy L advises that you should wait 15-20 minutes after shower or bath before moisturizing. Our most recommended products for body moisturizers are ones with Shea or Coco butter bases. 

    Competitive weightlifter Donny Shankle recommends Dove moisturizing soap for getting chalk off your hands (good tip for climbers too) - any sport where chalk is used you will suffer from dry hands. Shankle explains that the best moisturizers are the 'yellowish-waxy' ones rather than white creamy ones when it comes to skin care for your hands. 
  5. Sun screen - nothing damages skin like burning it! If you have spot prone skin then gel or liquid sun screens are recommended, alternatively dry skin will benefit from a sun screen-moisturizer combo. Some athletes find sun screen irritating once they sweaty but transparent sun screens with alcohol bases dry quicker on the skin and so are lighter to wear - you can also get sport specific ones too.
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    Great reminders, thank you Tribesports. It is really important to shower as soon as possible after heavy exercise to wash away the sweat and keep the skin clean. But as you have mentioned, don't overdo the cleansing!

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    I've always wondered how swimmers, espeically competitive ones, keep their hair and skin nice - any thoughts out there? I struggle with really dry, flaky skin at the best of times, never mind after a swim!

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    y skin is amazing since i changed my diet to raw food :P ( i dont eat red meats)

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    this is great tips! thanks friends!


    Definitely some good reminders. Hydrating is something that I struggle with anyway, so it's nice to know that stepping that up will help.


    Wow some great ideas, hoping to be positively glowing now!


    Nice tips... it will help a lot for sure :)


    Thank goodness MUFA's are delicious


    I don't have skien problems, but I do expose under the sun. Thanks for this.

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