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5 tips for post-baby fitness!


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training, Swimming on 6 March 2012 at 9:42 AM

As today is International Women's Day we thought we'd give some top tips to any ladies who are getting back to exercise after having a baby.

Now understandably there's a desire to do endless crunches as your belly will be slightly larger than you'd like (what with it having housed a little person for 9 months!) but forget crunches, Be-Fit-Mom's article explains how they will do more harm than good. What we want to see is a steady increase back to fitness and finding ways to get active with your new family member too!

1. Swimming is a great low-impact method of getting back into shape. There are also amazing programmes (such as Water Babies) which allow both you and your baby to get swimming and you needn't wait long after birth to get started. Also babies look adorable underwater!

2. Yoga is another excellent means to recover your core fitness in the the early months of your child's life. Super-Mum @januaryjo recommends the Cobbler's Pose, Child's Pose, Cat-Cow Pelvic Tilts and Yoga Twists as simple stepping stones back into light yoga. Useful guides can also be found in Tribes such as Yoga Postures and Partner Yoga which will cover a range of abilities. 

3. Get a Good Night's Sleep may seem like a big Challenge to some new mums so take it when you can get it! You and baby will have bundles more energy if you crack this one! Top advice is to go to sleep as soon as your baby does (because you know you'll be waking up around the same time no matter what!)

4. The Buggy Park Run Challenge is the perfect way to get back to running without paying for a babysitter. Ensure that you're ready to get back to the higher-impact exercises before taking on this Challenge and you can always work your way up to running by starting with walking. Have a look around and odds are there's a group near you that will do group sessions too! If you have a Baby Bjorn (or similar baby sling) then make the most of the baby's weight when walking about. 

5. Take 1 Hour in the Park - fresh air, swings, roundabouts, monkeybars, who says they're just for kids?! Go along and have fun, social, active time for both your kids and for you. Meet other parents who may be dying to find a new training buddy!