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6 of the Best Paleo Recipes


Posted by Adrian K under Nutrition, Wellbeing on 12 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

We've seen a lot of news recently promoting the benefits of a high fat, low carb diet. Last month David wrote up an article calling for an end to the demonisation of dietary fatwhilst one of our top #knowvember facts this month has been Swedens change of policy on nutrition - becoming one of the first western governments to promote a low carb, high fat diet.

Do you want to give low carb high fat diets a go? The Paleo diet is a classic example of this approach, so to get you started we've decided to round up some top recipes from a selection of our favourite Paleo blogs.


Most people struggle to get through their day if they haven't fueled up in the morning, so where better to start than with breakfast? - This ground beef and egg hash by Crossfit loving Charlotte looks truly awesome! Check out her blog - Paleo Polly 

Lunch Time

For lunch, you could try cooking up some Primal Fettucini Alfredo - made with ground beef and spaghetti squash! This recipe was put together by Janelle P over at Primal Fitness Pittsburgh.

Heading out for a run or training session and need some on the go energy? Try preparing some of these tasty honey, almond and raisin Paleo energy bars. Mark Lofquist of the Paleo Runners blog is the brains behind this recipe.


This meatball and escarole soup by Sarahfrom Everyday Paleo will serve as a great starter for the family or works well as a meal all in itself.

Another option you have is these mouth watering pinenut crusted lamb loin fillets, this recipe was written up by Michelle M, who has lost 40kg from following a primal diet. Check out her amazing progress on her blog - Primal Journey!

Still Hungry? 

These paleo brownie cupcakes, topped with dark chocolate lime should hit the spot, and provide a healthier option for desert - whilst remaining suitable for those following a Paleo / Gluten free diet. The recipe for these awesome treats was written for us by Aimee P of Primal Piggy.

What are your favourite go-to Paleo recipes?