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8 ways to get your fundraising noticed!


Posted by Cags R under General on 28 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

The majority of Tribesporters have probably raised money for charity through sport at some point in their lives - whether it's donating an entry fee or getting sponsored by your friends and family. 

There's always that awkward moment in which you ask people for sponsorship money; the unfortunate truth is that once you've caught the fitness bug and love competing, all of your friends suddenly notice an extra strain on their expendable income!

So how can you make your fundraising stand out and get people to willingly part with their cash for a good cause?

1. Big games, big crowds, big opportunity - BJ from RunWriteRace recommends heading to your local sports events which something to sell them:

For some reason, Ravens fans love to wear Mardi Gras beads to the games.  With this in mind I purchased a backpack full of black and purple beads to sell, we took advantage of three things in our favor: sports, tradition, and beer.

2. Social media raffle - in order to raise funds for her triathlon, Ellie C hosted an online charity raffle for all of her Facebook friends:

I charged £2 per virtual ticket and promised a home baked cake and a bottle of champagne to the winner. I set a draw date and then posted a video of me picking the winning ticket out of a hat with all the other (handmade) tickets in! All in all, very successful! 

3. Dare me - Dave Cornthwaite is a man not to be dabbled with, if you dare him, you'd better have the cash to follow through with the dare! Here he is leaving Mississippi in an Elvis costume:

4. Release the clippers - Eoin O has had his luscious Irish locks shaved off for a good cause, as well as growing a Mexican Moustache for Mo Running 10k! For some reason, your friends and family are more than willing to dish out the dosh when you will look pretty silly:

5. Tailgating jello shots - similar to BJ's Mardi Gras bead sale, now this one requires a very clear definition of 'the jello shot is free but you must donate to have one' rather than 'I'm selling jello shots' but Bella G swears by it:

If you live where there are professional or college teams tailgaters love it!

It certainly puts a fun twist on the traditional bake sale!

6. Reverse raffle - this is an idea fresh from Jacques D from Visport Nutrition:

A group of people run a steak night or some sort of event and give everyone a ticket for free. Draw numbers and the person "wins" a gag gift or task - dance in a tutu, sing I'm a little tea pot, etc - the more embarrassing the better. They either do it or pay not to. Different levels of payment can change the task - $5 gets you off the hook part way or $10 gets you off completely.  

7. Clothes swap party - this is an idea from Tina B; charging £20 per head, she invites her friends to bring unwanted clothes round for a clothes swap - along with providing some food and drink, it's a great way to host a casual fundraiser. Perfect if you're wanting a wardrobe refresh too.

8. Ask them in a different way - Rose K 
needed to raise £2,600 when she and a friend rode to Paris. Rather than asking directly for the cash, Rose went all poetic (it's no Shakespeare but it got the point across!) 

The time has come for me to beg once more,
I know it’s summer and you are feeling poor,
But I'm cycling to Paris for those worse off than us,
I'm peddling a bike not catching a bus!!! 

By approaching her friends and family in a funny way, Rose smashed her fundraising targets - check out this literary masterpiece!

How do you fundraise for big races? Which charities are you supporting? Share your experiences here and in the Raise money for charity Challenge!