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Advanced Calisthenic Workout from Al Kavadlo


Posted by Al Kavadlo of Al Kavadlo Calisthenics Training under Fitness & Training on 21 May 2013 at 11:00 PM

This is the final Challenge in Al Kavadlo's body weight workout series - it's also the toughest! In the Beginner and Intermediate workouts, you were learning the building blocks to performing these calisthenic exercises.

Al Kavadlo advanced body weight calisthenics circuit

Al Kavadlo's training Challenges all work on one goal - to make you stronger using your own body weight, he's written up an awesome guide on How to get strong without joining a gym.

The body weight exercises in the Advanced Challenge are considered an ultimate test in terms of strength and balance. Check out these guides to help you perform them and Al Kavadlo's video of his circuit: