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Advantage of joining a triathlon club


Posted by Chris T under Triathlon on 16 May 2013 at 11:00 PM

Chris Toogood (awesome name, we know!) is a new triathlete who has put together this article for you on how a triathlon club will help to develop you from a beginner to a season athlete in no time!

I just started doing Triathlons five months ago and I’m already an expert. Well, not really, not by a long shot. But, I do feel like I was put on the fast track to success, thanks to joining a Triathlon Club.

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I went in to the sport completely ignorant to all the different races, the equipment needed (or not needed) the training required, what to expect and so on…. I was clueless, but eager to learn more about the Triathlon world.  The biggest advantage of belonging to a Triathlon club is the free coaching I receive from trained professionals and experienced athletes. That was one benefit I hadn’t even considered when I first signed up. I just wanted to learn what to do at my first event so I wasn’t getting in the way and going in circles. The Triathlon club experience has become so much more.

Not everyone will have the luxury of a local, active club such as my mine.  If you live in a rural area there are now ‘virtual clubs’ like Tribesports - which has Triathlon Tribes with great information and content. If you do have access to a Triathlon club I would strongly recommend joining it as soon as possible. Especially before you BUY anything or sign up for an expensive trainer.

For example: I didn’t know anything about road bikes vs. a time trial bike or that a swimming wetsuit is different than my old surfing wetsuit. I certainly was never a big swimmer so I had no idea what to expect and through the Triathlon club I learned how to start training and what to expect when I did my first event.

Triathlon bike racks

Triathlon clubs will typically hold club events like “mini” triathlons or duathlons where you run, bike, run. Or they may have ‘Aquathons’ where you just swim and then ride. In cold weather, winter areas, Triathlon clubs might hold Indoor Triathlons using the indoor pool, spin bikes and treadmills. My first Triathlon was indoors and I loved it. All these events help you gain confidence and build your endurance.  It also helps you practice the all important “transition” from swim to bike, and bike to run.  One of the toughest transitions is from the bike to the run because your legs will feel wobbly after the biking. These practices can also be called “Brick workouts”. And, that’s another benefit of being in “The Club” you will learn all the Triathlon terms as well. Believe me, triathletes have a different language.

My favorite part about the Triathlon Club is the social aspect. It’s fun and easy to make friends when you are all working towards the same goals. I’ve already made some incredible friends.

New riding buddies from triathlon club

It is great for singles too; you can mingle and meet like minded healthy people. There are several now married couples that have met at our Triathlon club. We hold monthly meetings and the sponsors bring food and gear to give away as raffle prizes. Sometimes we even have professional triathletes come and speak if they are in town for a race. Last month we had Alistair Brownlee 2012 gold medalist speak at our club and it was amazing. 

San Diego

Triathlon is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. You won’t be the “newbie” at the Club for long as new members are joining every day. Jump in now, join a club, and become a member of something exciting, new and fulfilling. Who knows maybe you will find the love of your life or you will get lean and fit trying.