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Almost safe to get back in the Gym!


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 31 January 2012 at 12:00 PM

As Gym Free January draws to a close and prospect of a peaceful gym approaches, we thought we'd celebrate with 10 Challenges which you can take on now that it's safe to get back in the water!

1. Commit to being fit - 15 gym sessions in 30 days Make the most of that membership fee!

2. 10k Gym Triathlon Your favourite gym equipment's probably missed you too, make the rounds with this Gym Triathlon

3.Run up Ben Nevis in the Gym Definitely not the same as the real thing but if the mountain doesn't come to Mohammed...

4.Set your PB for 2000m ergo row Follow the examples of Cameron Mather and Dafydd James and set your PB for rowing 2000m, check out Kyle Farningham's effort too! 

5. 3 minute Plank with Wobble Board If you've been missing some of the more simple gym equipment!

6.Exercise before 8am for 7 days If you're apprehensive that the January Gym newbees might still be lurking at peak times, get in there early!

7.Benchpress your own Bodyweight Gym Free January may have been tough on iron-pumpers so get back at it!

8.The Muscle Up As seen performed casually by @DanPKGen in our Parkour Video the muscle up is a great exercise to work into your gym session

9.Spinning Session This Challenge is to keep over 100rpm for an hour, a spin class may be just the thing to get you there.

10. Make the most of the relaxing side of the gym No matter how great you are at training in nature and out of the gym sometimes you just can't beat the luxurious side of it!