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American Football Skills: improve your game


Posted by Cags R under American Football on 3 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

Get the most out of your game this season by taking on some of these basic but effective Challenges to improve your fitness for American Football. Make the most of your training off the field as well as on it!

Throw a 25m Spiral: accuracy and length of throws are one of the foundations of football, get out and throw a ball around with friends and see if you can make the 25m spiral throw.

Wrong Arm Throw: ambidexterity in a footballer can make the difference between 1st string and bench warmer so be sure not to neglect your weaker arm!

Bench press 100kg: a popular test on the NFL athletes is to see how many reps of 100kg they can perform, can you do it? Is it a fair test? Join the Q&A now!

Agility and Speed Drill: using resistance band to improve your side-to-side speed and power, this Challenge comes with a great video from Myosource.

Side-Step the Defender: put your drills into practice in the game!