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Awesome Parkour Video: First look at James Kingston's latest adventure


Posted by James Kingston of James Kingston Parkour under Parkour on 10 September 2013 at 5:00 PM

You may have heard of James Kingston as the man who hung from a crane above Southampton - provoking comments such as 'This is insanity, not parkour!' - well he's back! Check out his latest point of view Parkour video on the rooftops of Southampton below:

We caught up with James to find out a bit more about his extreme approach to the art of Parkour.

How and when did you first start Parkour?

I started back in 2007. After a turbulent time at school I felt completely lost and had no idea what I wanted to do with myself. I discovered Parkour through a commercial on BBC1 and decided to give it a go. Starting Parkour was probably the best decision I ever made.

James Kingston Crane Shot

What does your day-to-day training involve? Do you go to the gym or rely on parkour specific training?

My day-to-day training varies greatly. Sometimes I do nothing at all and others I am doing things all day! I never go to the gym. My favourite exercises at the moment are weighted pull-ups and muscle-ups but other than that I just do Parkour/climb stuff. Those 2 alone are enough to keep me progressing. I also swear by trampolines as they have done so much for my spacial awareness.

Your video climbing the crane in Southampton turned some heads - you look so calm and in control, but was there ever a point where you thought 'oh-wait-this-is-mental'?

I was calm and completely in control. Never was I thinking that I might fall or that I could die. Those things really aren't worth thinking about and do nothing good for you in that situation.

Which city in the world has been your favourite to free run in?

My favourite city to jump around in so far was probably Madrid. I have been to so many places and they've all been awesome in their own ways but Madrid just had such unique architecture!

Which parkour project have you most enjoyed working on? 

I have to say I enjoy producing my videos the most. Kick Ass 2 was awesome but wasn't anything to do with Parkour. I was literally just beating up bad guys, which was obviously great fun :D

Most embarrassing accident when filming?

Haha nothing crazy comes to mind but I know there's been a few times where my trousers have just fallen down beyond the lower boxer short line. That's always a little awkward :p

If you're feeling inspired to try parkour then check out the Parkour community here on Tribesports - there's plenty of conditioning Challenges, tips and pointers to help you discover the world through the eyes of a traceur. Keep up to date with James's latest adventures on his Facebook page.