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Balance your muscles with yoga postures


Posted by Cags R under Yoga on 27 April 2013 at 11:00 PM

Physically balanced bodies require you to exercise complimentary muscles. This is why yoga postures often come in pairs which will counter each other, building balance in your muscles.

In different disciplines of yoga, there is a common theme of counteracting and balance one posture with another - perhaps the most famous example of this would be in Sun Salutation which is often used as a warm up or day-starting yoga sequence. It demonstrates the yin-yang nature of yoga in regards to how you can use it to balance out your body through stretching and isometric movements:
Sun Salutation

Last week we discussed the benefits of spinal extension exercises to compliment your abs workouts - improving your posture and battling that desk-slouch with postures like the cobra pose and the crab. The same logic of working complimentary muscle groups during a sequence is a key use of yoga for athletes. Tony Parrish - former NFL 49ers player - found that yoga sequences helped him recover from injury as the low-impact and well balanced exercises are designed to work in complimentary pairings to give a well-balanced workout.

Tony Parrish Awkward Pose

Balanced in more than his muscles, Tony Parrish demonstrates the awkward pose which stretches out the quads and the shoulders whilst maintaining a strong core.

Bikram yoga uses postures in quick succession which target complimentary muscle groups.

Sit up, Cobra, Lotus poses

The sit up, Cobra and Lotus poses work together to give the torso a balance. The sit up and toe hold stretches out the back and hamstrings whilst the cobra pose stretches the upper abs and the lotus pose stretches out the lower abs, hips and quads. These 3 postures when compared directly demonstrate how yoga postures will give balance to your muscles.

It's not only yoga where it's important to build balanced muscles; complimentary exercises in strength training programs help avoid building up one muscle set more than others.
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