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Beginner Sailing Challenges


Posted by Cags R under Sailing on 1 September 2012 at 11:00 PM

Sailing is not a sport you can simply get off the couch and start, however it is much easier to begin sailing than most people believe! Even if you're miles from the ocean, there are often river or lake sailing clubs available and also saling vacations can be cheaper than a city break!

When people hear yacht they visualize crew all in white, a man with a silly hat and champagne with caviar - how wrong could you be! Firstly, let's make a distinction between this:

And this:

The first is what one could describe as a floating hotel, the second is a wind-driven caravan on water - and we love caravanning! So how can you start your water carvanning adventures? Check out these beginner Challenges which should have you ship-shape and seaworthy in no time at all!

Sail a triangular course

To start sailing you must be able to reach any waypoint; whether it's a harbour entrance, a buoy in the water or any marker in the sea, if you can sail a triangular course then it means you can reach your destination no matter where it lies in relation to the wind direction! Check out this guide to get more info.

RYA Dinghy Sailing Level 1 (or international equivalent)

This is a qualification in the UK but schools abroad often teach it and there are international equivalents; it is the first step on the ladder and proves that you are safe to go out in light-medium winds, right a capsize and do basic set up of rigging.

First Yacht Experience

Having at least a small level of dinghy experience will drastically improve your first time on a yacht - the basics are all the same, just scaled up to a larger boat. This Challenge specifies you should be useful whilst on board so take the helm, work a winch and generally show you're interested - all skippers are always glad to have crew who want to get well and truly stuck in!

Turn off the wind instruments

Technology is awesome - you can text you oven, find out the weather without ever going outside and even brush your teeth without tiring out your arm... but we don't want to get too dependant on it. One reason why dinghy experience is important is it teaches you wind awareness with very immediate consequences; sail in too tight = dumped into the water, sailing too close to the wind = stop, on larger vessels these subtleties are somewhat lost and so keep yourself sharp by sailing without any wind instruments to keep your own awareness sharp.

Sail 100 miles in 1 week

This is the experience you will gain on a Competent Crew or Day Skipper course, eat, sleep and sail aboard your yacht for a week and rack up the miles. This will also introduce you to the caravanning lifestyle - short showers, improvized meals and a new love of card games!

Happy sailing!

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    nice - cant say i have ever really been interested in sailing... but i see its a farily technical and complex sport... nice article!

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    AWESOME! my first yacht experience was a few years ago and till today i cannot really get over all the excitement and wow that specific yacht had top tech in it (those days) so everything (all the controls) was centralized which was very unique and rare at that time and it had one super sound system in it! This got me all excited again! Great article and great links!

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    Innovation is amazing - you can content you stove, discover the climate while never going outside and even brush your teeth without tiring out your arm... be that as it may, we would prefer not to get excessively dependant on it. One motivation stated at behind why dinghy experience is critical is it shows you twist mindfulness with extremely prompt outcomes; cruise in too tight - dumped into the water, cruising excessively near the wind - stop, on bigger vessels these nuances are to some degree lost thus keep yourself sharp by cruising with no twist instruments to keep your own mindfulness sharp.

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