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Best way to deal with an injury...


Posted by Cags R under Hiking on 24 August 2012 at 11:00 PM

For most, a snapped ankle would leave them screaming for help - not this Colorado college student, she just whipped out her camera and set the world to rights! RICE is out the window for Lexi DeForest, she's curing that ankle with a good old chit-chat!

Luckily Lexi was found by her hiking partner with search and rescue after snapping (broken just doesn't cover this break) her ankle up a mountain, she was also kind enough to upload her experience straight to Youtube, hope you enjoy!

WARNING to those of a squeamish disposition should not watch this video (though you can still listen to the audio which is absolutely hilarious!)

 We thought there must be loads of untold tales on Tribesports, what has been your worst/funniest injury? Share it in the Disaster I'm Injured Tribe!

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    Nice snap! Lexi - love your style!


    Poor girl!!!! Did anybody see 127 Hours? Thought it was a brilliant film!!!!!And one piece of music from it 'Liberation' I downloaded it for my running. Really gets you going!!!!!!

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    Ouch! Scary to think how easily that could happen. I'd like to think I'd be that composed ... but I so know that I wouldn't !


    I had to see that a few times as i couldnt beleive my eyes. Very brave!


    So cool! I wasn't anywhere near that composed when I hurt my knee!


    Not one to watch whilst eating, lol! Other than the trench jumping, sounds like a very sensible lass-phone, light, a hiking partner nearby and some kind of free search and rescue package. Only thing she was missing was a whistle!


    wow!! you are phenomenal! I would have gone mad from pain and would have been yelping by that time. you are my inspiration now


    Ho Ho HO! This video is amazing. It's amazing how the girl handles the situation pretty well, and funny of course. Great video, keeping hope all the time.

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