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Big new feature: MEDALS have arrived!


Posted by Steve R on 28 June 2012 at 2:17 PM

We've been working hard behind the scenes to build some really exciting new functionality - and now we're ready to share it - Medals have arrived on Tribesports, and we think that you're going to love them!

What are Medals you might ask? Well, like any sport, winning a gold medal is the pinnacle of achievement; getting on the rostrum the minimum target.

And now the same can be said on Tribesports. Whilst position in the leaderboard and levels are a sign of your activity, as is user of the week - medals are a clear reward for various activities across the site.

At Tribesports we're driven by a belief that using a social platform like ours can help with motivation and get people more active and doing more sports. These medals reward the activity of our users that help fulfil that vision to make the world more active.

We have 16 medals in total, at different levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold based on how much you've done. To name a few.... Scout, Communicator, Contender, Personal Trainer and Cheerleader are ready to be achieved!

Along side these flagship Tribesports medals, we're working on a few things behind the scenes and over the coming months, we will be bringing another surprise element to the medals that you can earn through your activities on the site, so keep at it, and keep active!

We have some incredible, inspiring, active members on the site. Did you know that between you, you've clocked up over 2 million encouragements and 1.3 million activities - not bad, eh?! You all continue to make a huge contribution to what a fun, interesting and supportive place Tribesports is; now of course we couldn't let all of this hard work and dedication go unnoticed!

We've stored up everyone's activity since joining, and you will all be awarded badges accordingly; so if you have been super active, you will notice medals flying into your cabinet (even some gold ones for a lucky few) over the next few days as you are rewarded for all your amazing activities so far. 

However, this is still Tribesports - so naturally, we want to Challenge you, as such - You won't achieve your medals till you do one more of the required activity.

What are you waiting for? Go go go claim and earn those medals.

Will you be able to complete the Earn the Set Challenge? Think you'll Earn the Gold Set!?