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Blogger Spotlight: All Around Joe


Posted by Joe Bauer of All Around Joe under Ultrarunning, Olympic Weightlifting on 12 February 2013 at 12:00 AM

All Round Joe running Ultra Marathon

Top sporting achievement: Completing my first 50 mile ultra marathon – The North Face Endurance Challenge in DC

Goals for the year ahead: To compete in the CrossFit Open, and hopefully make it to the North West Regionals

Current Tribesports challenge: Get Fitter Than You Ever Have Been This Year
Based on workout numbers (squat, dead lift, metabolic conditioning workouts, etc.) this has already happened, but the competition that will give the final answer is the CrossFit Open which I ranked 157th last year. 

Most embarrassing sports moment: 

This is an interesting question… Probably the most embarrassing sports moment that I can recall is:  My first year in college I went to a junior college to play baseball.  It was a pretty good junior college program, but the coaches were extremely old school.  Meaning they believed that the best way to motivate was through fear.  There was one point where I was pitching in a game, and I made a mistake.  Today I can’t even remember what the mistake was.  But the coach was so mad that he was yelling at me from the bench, telling me how awful the mistake was.  The whole crowd could hear him yelling.  That was my most embarrassing sports moment.  In fact that was my last year playing baseball (even though I did very well that season), and it was because I thought sports should be fun.  But that coaching style made the experience anything but fun. So if you’re a coach reading this…  Belittling someone when they do something wrong will never help the situation. Always overly support the positives to get the outcomes you want, and remember that sports are meant to be fun, even when we make mistakes.  

Hi Joe, congratulations on being featured in our Blogger Spotlight. You take part in some really impressive sports, on your blog you’ve mentioned Crossfit, Ironman, Ultrarunning, Snowboarding and rock climbing amongst others. Where did your sports journey begin?

My sports journey really began when I was very young.  All the way back to even my oldest memories, I remember throwing balls, kicking balls, bouncing balls, running, challenging myself.  So, it was really my parents that started my sports journey.  As soon as I was old enough to do so, I was playing soccer, basketball and baseball. And I loved each of them.  

All Round Joe Baseball

During soccer season, soccer was my favourite. And during basketball season, basketball was my favourite. And during baseball season, baseball was my favourite. I was lucky to be home schooled, which allowed me hours each day to play, and practice that seasons sport. I played soccer, basketball and baseball all the way through high school, with baseball becoming the dominant sport, mostly due to talent. After I decided to transition away from baseball, I found things like bodybuilding and running to fill my need for physical challenges. Those two things (bodybuilding and running) have morphed into the more challenging things that I do today, such as CrossFit, and ultra endurance events. 

Front Squat, weight liftingWhich of these sports could you absolutely not live without?

This is a tough question because I want to say: “I can’t live without any of them, and why should I have to choose.”  But if I really did have to choose, I couldn’t live without the weightlifting. 

I really love the feeling of challenging myself day in and day out.  And how hard it is everyday (mentally and physically and nutritionally).  It’s you against you, everyday.  I love that. 

You have considerable experience competing in various events across different sports, what advice would you have for anyone who is considering competing, or has yet to enter any competitive events?

I think competing in all of these events is the most rewarding thing that I have ever done for myself.  I would encourage someone who’s interested in competing, to do some research, see how long you should train for the event, and then just enter, and get to work.  It will be scary at times, and hard, and fun.  And sometimes you’ll have all of those emotions at the same time.  But know that putting yourself in those situations will ultimately cause growth.  Mental, physical, and emotional growth.  
Joe Bauer finishes Iron ManIt really doesn’t even matter how you do in the event that you enter.  It’s all about the experience.  The last 50 mile ultra marathon that I competed in, I pulled a hip flexor muscle on about mile 20.  Then I pretty much limped the last 30 miles, running when I could, and walking when I had to.  

Did it suck? Yes, absolutely. But I finished, and I learned so much from the experience. That was one of my favourite competitions because I had to overcome so much, and I proved to myself that I could.  

You have been personal training for a while. What are your plans for the future as a trainer? And what would be your most important advice for anyone starting off on their own fitness journey?

At this point I have been personal training (in some capacity) for over 12 years.  In the next 1-3 years, my goal is to continue to grow my online personal training, and fitness information business at  I believe that people in the US are so behind, and misinformed about health, fitness, and nutrition, that we need people like myself and to provide the information that will truly help people, and make a change.  

My advice to anyone looking to get into personal training (or coaching) as a career would be to just go for it.  Dive in, and see what you love about it.  See where you really shine, and what ignites you.  It’s a very rewarding career and lifestyle where you can have fun, and make an impact on the world.  

Name one new sport or activity that you have always wanted to try.

Adventure racing.  I have never done this, but it’s definitely in my future! 

All Round Joe 1 arm handstand