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Blogger Spotlight: Eights and Weights


Posted by Suzanne Brume of Eights and Weights under Fitness & Training on 22 January 2013 at 12:00 AM

Eights and Weights Tribesports profile
Top sporting achievement:
Running my first half marathon!

Goals for the year ahead: I would like to run a full marathon in 2013. 

Current Tribesports Challenge: Improve your run by strengthening your inner thighs

Most embarrassing sports moment: Trying to learn to play squash and having my ass handed to me by an instructor.

Congratulations on making the blogger spotlight Suzanne! We'd like to start off by asking you how you would summarise your blog in one sentence and what motivated you to start blogging?

I love blogging. It brings the world closer. On social media, I feel like I have the opportunity to connect with people I know or have at least met. But with blogging, it helps me connect with people I do not know at all, and share in their fitness journeys. I would summarise my blog in a sentence by saying "It brings health and fitness to the common man without all the fluff and big words by making it a journey we both share in together."

I started blogging for this simple reason: I felt I had something to say, and there was an audience who needed to listen.  

Running in the New Year - keep at it!Where do you see most people go wrong in their fitness / health journeys, and what advice would you have for beginners?

To be honest, I think it starts from the beginning. In my experience, people don't know why they want to be fit other than to look like someone else. And because our bodies are very very different, this usually leads to disappointment. Don't get me wrong, people who motivate and inspire you are important, but I don't believe they should be the picture of what we aim for. 

Also, I feel people make unrealistic goals, which like my first point, usually leads to disappointment. It is the New Year and so obviously, we have all heard all sorts of nutrition resolutions, like "I will stay off carbs this year" or "I will exercise every day this year" by people who have not watched what they ate in 10 years or people who live on the couch. While goals are absolutely necessary, goals that we know are unachievable only leave us back at square one: Making a similar resolution next year.

My advice to beginners is to set long term and short term goals. Set achievable short term goals, and constantly stay competing with yourself.

12 days of Fitness, Eights and Weights photo

What plans do you have for yourself and your blog in 2013?

In 2013, I would really love to get more expert contribution on the blog. In 2012, we started to have some input from doctors, which was great, and I really think that it validates the point to the readers when a professional gives you advice that really affects your health. I would also like to increase the number of regular readers on the blog, further motivating me to produce more content and try out new fitness products.

Token Random question: If you could be any animal, which would you be?

I would be a cheetah. Do you see how fast those animals run? Plus, they are predators, not prey :)

Favorite Tribesports users: 

Rick P because I'd like to get that ranking one day.