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Blogger Spotlight: Fit is the New Black


Posted by Holly J of Fit is the New Black under Running on 8 January 2013 at 12:00 AM

Holly J - Fit is the new black
Top sporting achievement:
Warrior Dash 2012, for sure. I never thought I’d run a race, let alone an extreme one.

Goals for the year ahead: Increase my endurance and speed. I’d love to be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes.

Current TS challenge: Oooooh Fruity, because I tend to get complacent about fruit consumption in winter.

Most embarrassing sports moment: Once…ages ago, I was running on the treadmill so zealously that one of my sneakers literally flew off. 

Congratulations on making the blogger spotlight Holly, in typical New Year spirit, we'd like to ask you for your personal highlights of 2012?

Thanks so much!!  This year was pretty amazing.  Besides getting to become a blog partner with I earned my Nutrition and Wellness Coach Certification in the fall, so now I can guide others on their journey to wellness. I also started strength training, which I think has made me a stronger runner. Competing in Warrior Dash was also huge. 

Holly J Warrior Dash

Any big plans for 2013? 

The biggest is to turn Fit is the New Black (my official blog) into a full lifestyle website. Right now I have two blogs: Fit is the New Black, and another one that is all about beauty and style. A few months back readers started messaging me about combining the two, and I thought, “Hey, not a bad idea.” I’m bringing on some other bloggers to contribute fashion and beauty stories, so I’m excited about that aspect and showcasing talented writers. But even more than that, I’m really excited to teach readers about adopting a more holistic approach to their health.  I consider myself a modern girl, but the modern world is not always conducive to healthy living.

Photo groupIn the U.S.-particularly in New York, where I’m from-there is a lot of pressure to work, work, work. The value of a person is often connected to what they do for a living and the money they’re making. I say boo to that! Somewhere we’ve let our work work us and now we don’t even have enough time to take 30-minute walk around the block.

I want to show readers how to start putting their health and general wellbeing back at the top of their “to-do” list and I’m going to do that in a fun but no b.s. sort of way. I’m going to start personalizing a lot more of the content, create tutorials and make the site more accessible to people in different phases of their health journey.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to kick start their fitness journey?

See exercise as a reward and not a chore. When I started working out my attitude was all wrong. I was doing it because I had become overweight and sort of saw exercise as this punishment for letting myself go. It took me a few weeks to notice the subtle benefits of it, like I had time to myself and was feeling less tired. Before I knew it, exercise became one of the highlights of my day. Now it’s my official “me” time. If you make it fun, you won’t have to drag yourself to do it.  You’ll literally make the time for it.

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