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Blogger Spotlight: Jessie Loves to Run


Posted by Jessie G of Jessie Loves to Run under Running on 15 January 2013 at 12:00 AM

Jessie J profile Top sporting achievement: My top sporting achievement was running my first Half Marathon in April 2012.

Goals for the year ahead: Unlike most people who may be training for a marathon, or some sort of race, this year my main goal is to become healthier not only mentally but physically.

Current Tribesports challenge: 25 squats a day for 7 days, 100 crunches for 2 weeks, and Reach for the Moon.

Most embarrassing sports moment: To be honest, I cannot think of one at the moment. Is that even possible??

Jessie, well done on making the blogger spotlight! Firstly, we'd love to ask what inspired you to start writing your blog and what motivates you to keep going?

Thank you so much. I cannot tell you enough how honored I am to be amongst others who are being featured as well. What first inspired me to write my blog? Well, for quite some time I had been a reader of many healthy living blogs. I loved the inspiration, motivation, and tips they would give day in and day out. They truly were a huge part of my marathon training. That may sound quirky, but that’s the truth.

After my first race, and thinking and sleeping about the decision for a few months, I decided I wanted to be that person to motivate others. I wanted to be that person who someone looked up to. Who was a helping reason why they got off the couch and head to the gym to give it their all.

Jessie and JoshuaBack in May, my husband was offered a job in Kuwait. We literally had a week to decide whether or not this would be a good move for us both career wise & financial wise. After talking it over, we decided to go for it. I mean were young, why not take advantage of the opportunity being presented to us.

Since moving here, I was diagnosed with Hypothalamic (athletic) Amenorrhea. You may wonder why I’m sharing this with you, and the reason is simple:

It’s the reason that has kept me motivated to keep my blog going.  I have since learned that being healthy is not just about how many workouts you can get in a week; it’s about truly nourishing your body with the proper foods & rest. I want to continue to share my journey with others and in hopes help anyone who may be suffering as well.

What is in your opinion, the most important component of a healthy lifestyle?

Many people will think that exercise is the main component to a healthy lifestyle. I completely disagree. I believe a healthy lifestyle isn't just fitness; it’s eating healthy and working on living a stress-free life. I also want to note, that it is OKAY if you have a treat from time to time. I mean isn’t healthy eating all about balance and moderation? Don’t forget to take rest days throughout the week as well. Your body needs that time to recover, and trust me when I tell you it’ll thank you the following day. I wrote about this in depth in my post "What is Healthy?" on my blog. 

What advice would you have for TS members who struggle to stay on top of healthy eating and nutrition?

If you're new to healthy eating and nutrition, know that you don’t have to start huge. It’s okay to take baby steps in the beginning. But also know that the effort you put into the work will be what shows. When you start to look at living a healthy lifestyle as a chore, please take a step back and refocus yourself both mentally and physically. Set new goals for yourself; try new workouts, or even recipes. You want to keep life fun & adventurous.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Santorini Island, Greece

If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I choose? I’m not sure I can fully give a honest answer only because I’ve only visited a few other countries besides living in the United States & Kuwait. If I had to choose from the places I’ve been though, I would say Santorini Island, Greece. The atmosphere is beautiful, and the people are as sweet as they come. They have KILLER hills that hurt my glutes… in a oh-so-good way though. 

What has been your experience of the Tribesports community?

The encouragement. Since becoming a team member of Tribesports, I have been encouraged by so many wonderful people to keep going, stay focused & not give up. That alone has been the most rewarding experience I could gain from such a great company… Oh and of course all the awesome Challenges that are presented daily!!