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Blogger Spotlight: Jump Eat Run


Posted by Elisha D of Jump Eat Run under Running, Snowboarding, Climbing on 19 February 2013 at 12:00 AM

Triathlon Jump Eat RunTop sporting achievement: Running 3 half marathons last year or training for a full marathon.

Goals for the year ahead: Run a full marathon, complete the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon, back country snowboard, do a triathlon.

Current Tribesports challenge: Plank for 2 minutes per day for 7 days, Run to the moon, 10 push-ups a day for 7 days.

Most embarrassing sports moment: Nothing huge comes to mind, but I am a bit of a klutz, so I tend to trip while running a lot! I have also had my fair share of face plants and belly flops when I was a gymnast and diver.

 Hey Elisha, congratulations on making the blogger spotlight! 

Thanks!! I feel so honoured to not only be chosen as a Tribesports Blog partner, but to be featured in the blogger spotlight! It’s such an amazing community of like-minded fitness enthusiast and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it.

You have listed quite a few half marathons in your Tribesports achievements, when have you set your sites on conquering your first full marathon?

New York Half Marathon

My first full marathon was supposed to be NYC in 2012, but it was unfortunately cancelled due to hurricane Sandy. Luckily, all of the runners were given guaranteed entry for 2013, so I will be running NYC this coming November! I may try to do a full in Colorado before then, but nothing else is on the schedule just yet.

Missing out on the New York marathon must have been disappointing, what advice do you have for anyone who has had to deal with disappointment when you fail to reach a goal or when after months of training you are sidelined by circumstance or injury?

The cancellation of the NYC Marathon was a major disappointment. Not only had I trained incredibly hard, but it was going to be my first marathon and my last race as a New Yorker before I made the big move to Denver. I’ve also dealt with injuries during training and it can be really difficult to mentally get past some of these things. One of the best ways I deal with this sort of disappointment is by trying to find something positive from the situation. Maybe an injury will encourage you to try a new type of exercise you wouldn’t normally try. Running NYC this year will give me a reason to go back and visit all of my friends and family in the city. Plus, I’ll have the advantage of training in the mile high city which will make me run faster and stronger when I am back at sea level.

Rock climbingYou list some really cool and relatively extreme sports in your profile, would you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? What draws you to sports like snowboarding, rock climbing and sky diving?

I may be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, but I really just like the sense of freedom that comes with these sports. There is absolutely no feeling like soaring through the sky, flying down a mountain, or scaling a huge rock face. I just can’t wait to start base jumping! I have so much fun with all of the extreme sports I do and I’m really lucky to have a boyfriend who shares the same passions. It’s something really unique and cool that we can experience together.

How do you approach nutrition? Food as fun or food as fuel?

Both!! Food is absolutely fuel, but it should definitely be fun! There has to be a healthy balance between both. I eat a ridiculous amount of fruits, veggies, and lean vegetarian protein, but I love to bake and definitely indulge in dessert, wine and beer pretty often. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so my favourite way to fuel a long run is with Jelly Belly Sport Beans; it’s like eating candy! 

What is your idea of a perfect day of sport?

In the winter it would be a full day riding in the mountains, or maybe an afternoon snowshoeing as well. In the summer, I would love to start the day hiking and rock climbing, then head to the drop zone to get in a couple sunset skydives. 

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