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Blogger Spotlight: Muddy J


Posted by Muddy J of Muddy J under Adventure Racing on 4 December 2012 at 12:00 AM

In the past 6 months, we've been working with a collection of awesome sports bloggers from around the globe, from mountain climbers to yoga lovers, the Tribesports blog roll is growing into an awesome library of international sports blogs. For this reason we're starting a new feature called the Blogger Spotlight which will give you the chance to get to know the people behind the blogs! Starting us off we have Muddy J, a Tribesports blogger with an obsession for obstacles:

Muddy J profile pictureTop sporting achievement:

I ran, and completed the Full San Antonio Rock N Roll (ok, I had to put on my "J"uaraches for the last 5-6 miles, the pavement tore up my soles)

Goals for the year ahead:

In 2013 I plan on conquering my first two Ultra-Marathons...a 50k and a 50 miler the very most I'll wear "J"uaraches or VFF's

Current TS challenge:

The Gladiator Rock and Run is coming back to San Antonio! 

Most embarrassing sports moment:

While jumping up out of the water to conquer a floating obstacle during the Burnett Spartan Sprint, I discovered I hadn't quite tied my running shorts tightly enough and they managed to stay close to the level of the surface as I flipped up and over the barrier...only my ankles stopped them from floating away.... luckily I was only out of the water with my bare butt in the air a few seconds before splashing back into the water on the other side.

Muddy J becoming Muddy J!

So Muddy J, your nickname is pretty self explanatory but how did you get into mud running in the first place, and what is it about it that keeps you going back for more?

Nobody believes me when I tell them that AMC's show "The Walking Dead" is inadvertently responsible for getting me off my couch and getting back into shape, but it's the gospel truth!

I had just finished watching a rerun of the Season #1 Finale, getting ready for the Season #2 Premiere, and I checked out the website to view the advertised extra content. When the site loaded, a video of two people running from zombies began playing.

WTF had just happened? 

Muddy J at the end of Gladiator Rock n roll

It was an online advert for the "Run For Your Lives" race series, which combines Mud/Obstacle Racing with the fun (?) of being chased by Zombies. I had always liked running, and after years in the US Army, I was no stranger to mud...but to do it for fun...that looked like it might be something new...maybe worth a try...

One thing lead to another, and I started training again, as I had spent most of the past 3 years firmly ensconced in the comfort of my couch. I signed up for a 10k trail run a few weeks later and, after completing that, I felt like I should have signed up for the 1/2 I signed up for a half-marathon a month later.... and then my wife came home and told me about The "Jailbreak" race.

I checked out their website and thought it looked like a good training race and signed up to run the next one (2 weeks after my first 1/2 marathon). I made the mistake of not respecting the distance (5k) and I was completely spent by the end of the race, covered in mud, and READY FOR MORE... I went home and signed up for as many as I could find locally...Tough Mudder included...

Muddy J completes the Tough Mudder

The rest, as they say, is history...obstacle racing is actually quite addictive...just ask my Tribesports Buddy (and former User of the Week) Addz S!

There are some great race reviews up on your site, but which one was the most fun to run Gladiator Rock and Roll Raceand review?

Each race is very different, so saying which one was the most fun is so unfair! Since I have to pick one, I would have to say that the Gladiator Rock'n Run Series wins my vote for the most fun. There is a different atmosphere at each race series, for example: The Spartan Race series has it's "be the best of the best"  competitive feeling, while The Tough Mudder has on overwhelming sense of comradarie...

The Gladiator Rock'n Run series somehow manages to combine a very physically challenging aspect with a "not-too-serious" side that let's you have fun with it as well. Their obstacles were varied and well-made (sturdy) and it was a definite bonus to meet Dan "Nitro" Clark, who was one of my childhood idols on "American Gladiator"..I liked the race series so much that I signed up to run it again on December 8th, 2012 - bring on Saturday!

Muddy J - leap over fire - Gladiator Rock N Roll Race

That said, I still shudder when I think of WHERE I got hit with a lead during the Tough Mudder Electroshock Therapy....

We've also noticed you set up loads of "Zombies, Run!" Challenges on Tribesports, how good is fear as a motivator for running?


...BUT- I hate interval running and/or speedwork, so when I found the Zombies, Run app for my smartphone, I felt like it was a blessing from on high... randomly inserted sprints? with a horde of zombies chasing me playing in my earphones? What's not to love?

Fear is an excellent motivator for running while training with speed work.

The flip side of that though, is fear during a race. The Fear that you won't do well, or that you won't finish... That kind of fear can be bad. It just wastes energy...don't waste time with it.

I always try to go into a race confident that I will be able to beat myself, after all, it's only me that I am out there racing against.

Muddy J barbed wire