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Body weight beast workout image


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 28 November 2012 at 12:00 AM

This week's workout image is pitting you against the clock; you must complete 3 rounds of this bodyweight workout and post your time to complete the Challenge!

Body weight beast Challenge: squats, sit ups, press ups, pull ups, sprint

It's not just about what time you post, you also have to make sure each rep is as good as your first throughout the entire workout! It is important to maintain good form for three reasons:

  1. You will be consistent on which muscle groups you are targeting with that exercise
  2. You will avoid injury by maintaining good form
  3. You will be able to measure progress more accurately

With this Challenge, the order of exercises is pretty tough; going from push ups into pull ups and sprints into squats means your different muscle groups will be working for longer periods than our average bodyweight circuits. If you notice a decline in the quality of your form, break the set up so that each rep is performed with the best form.

Here's a guide on How to maintain good form throughout the Body weight beast