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Bonus Pledge Packages: you've earned them!


Posted by Steve R on 14 August 2013 at 7:00 PM

With over 1000 backers and the campaign reaching over £55k of pledges, we’re excited to celebrate this milestone with the release of 5 new pledge packages!

Let's keep the momentum going with these 4 brand new products which are being introduced to the Tribesports Performance range, today. Requests from Tribesports users - like YOU - will always drive our decision on what comes next for Tribesports Performance wear because YOU are the people that have made this all possible. You shared your thoughts, we listened...

New products for Tribesports Performance wear

Stacey B: Question?? Could us girls get some shorts too please? im not a huge fan of capris.

- Shorts for girls? No problem.

Martin J: I think the Capris would look great for men.... Have the design team tried this on guys? If so can we have a pic to see how they fit... I do like them better than the shorts and better for winter (November) outdoor training.

- Hold it Martin! We've just started production on the Men's running tights.

Shawn C:Next item for the wish list... Tank Tops for men and women please.

- One men's singlet, coming right up!

Anne Margaret S: This one is a tough one for me because as a designer...  just throwing this out there - neckline for females...

- Built in support and feminine cut out design detail at the back - this tank ticking the box for you, Anne Margaret?

Unlocked Bonus Pledge Packages

If you have already pledged but are interested in the new bonus packages…

Do not worry! You are welcome to switch your pledge if you see an option that you would prefer. You can manage your pledge from the Kickstarter page and switch to whichever package takes your fancy. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us on the Kickstarter page.

These really are one-time only Kickstarter prices so don’t miss out on your chance to pledge!!