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Brick Workouts for triathlon and duathlon training


Posted by Cags R under Triathlon on 27 March 2013 at 12:00 AM

Training for a triathlon or a duathlon? One of the most important skills to learn is a fast transition time getting from your bike onto your run. This is why brick workouts are so important.

Brick Workout
The difference between running and cycling in terms of muscle action means that triathletes and duathletes can experience heaviness in their legs when they begin to run immediately after cycling.

Check out this guide on Different muscle action when running and cycling to find out why your legs will feel heavy when you run in triathlon or duathlon.

Triathlons have existed since the early 20th Century but the first official triathlon was run in 1974 San Diego. As mass participation sport, triathlon only really took off in the last 20 years or so as more people around the world look to take on endurance events in different forms. 

As a modern sport, it didn't take long for triathletes to realise that the challenge of a triathlon did not lie in the individual disciplines but in the transition between the 3 endurance events. The brick workout was born!

Bricks sessions will vary depending on which stage of training you are in and which distance triathlon or duathlon you are training for. Whether you want to go at race pace or slightly faster than race pace over a shorter distance is up to you, getting practice at transition when you're slightly tired is very important.

Take the Challenge for a 10k bike to 3k run brick workout and log your time