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Catching the London Underground in a handstand


Posted by Cags R under Parkour on 15 June 2013 at 11:00 PM

Watch this video from free-runner Tim Shieff - catching the London Underground in a handstand!

Handstands and walking on your hands are great examples of where core strength plays a big part in performing an exercise. They also require good shoulder strength in order to hold yourself up with your arms. Take on these 3 Challenges to get yourself walking about on your hands:

1. Handstand for 30 seconds - get comfortable in the handstand position and hold it for longer durations - start off with 30 seconds before you play around with walking on your hands

2. Walk on your hands for 5 metres - take your first steps (on your hands) and make it 5 metres. Keep your movement controlled and try to throw in changes of direction once you're feeling confident

3. Walking stairs on your hands - Tim Shieff may take the escalator in the video, but mastering the stairs when walking on your hands requires a lot more shoulder strength! Build up to stair walking with handstand push-ups to improve your range of movement

Get handstanding and share your awesome photos too!