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Celebrate your weight-loss and your fitness gain


Posted by Cags R on 6 July 2012 at 11:00 PM

We have many amazing people on Tribesports who have changed their lives from fat to fit through the combination of an improved diet and getting more active.

To celebrate the success stories, former User of the Week Tony G has created a Challenge to show you how far you have come in your weight-loss and fitness gain. 

Wait! - You mean I've lost that much weight? 

This Challenge is to use a backpack or weight vest (if you have access to one) to go on a run or walk carrying the weight you used to carry around everyday. For every kilo you have lost, take a litre of water with you in your backpack.

Sometimes it takes looking back to continue progressing forward so this Challenge is a perfect way to show you how far you've come! 

Check out who has already taken it on:

Congratulations to Irene M who threw 21lb of dumbbells into her backpack and walk/jogged 1 mile. The great thing about this Challenge is that she shed the weight straight after her walk but it was from hard work and perseverence that she managed the initial weight-loss - well done Irene!

Josie M jumped on her bike to go for a cycle with the weight she had lost, what a relief to get off the saddle and leave the weight in the garage!

How much will you be running, walking or cycling with when you take this Challenge? Share your weight-loss success and more importantly your fitness gain with Tribesports!