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Challenge of the Month: Run 5km in under 30 minutes


Posted by Cags R under Running on 1 March 2014 at 12:00 AM

Looking to start running as part of your regular routine? Look no further than this running milestone - run 5km in under 30 minutes.

Run a 5km in under 30 minutes

Running is one of the most popular sports here on Tribesports, whether it's marathons, trails, road, ultras or on the track, all runners have to start somewhere, and the 5km run is a great place to start!

There are many different schools of thought on the best way to get your running to the 5km in under 30 minute pace, so here are some to consider for your training:

  1. Run/Walk/Run - this is the training method recommended by Innovation Sportsit's all about building up your stamina with the method of work/rest/repeat. For example 10 reps of 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking. Ideal for those just starting out who need to build their cardio-vascular endurance.

    There are some longer distance runners who continue to use this method across longer distances as the rest/walking periods allow for higher intensity work during the work periods.

  2. Negative Splits - ideal for runners looking to improve over longer distances, the negative split means your pace gets faster as you go on. You can easily track your splits using the GPS tracking on the Tribesports App.

  3. Fartlek Training - this is an interval training method which will challenge different speeds throughout your run, going for high intensity periods with rest as and when you need it. This is particularly good if you want to play around with finding a pace you could run consistently over a certain distance, speed play training allows you to experiment with pace and find one which is right for your goal.

One benefit to these training methods is that you run less of a risk of developing a 'comfort zone' or 'plodding zone' - you know, that pace which you feel you could maintain for the rest of the day if you really had to. Whilst a consistent running pace is important to develop, it can be very easy to fall into the habit of having a one-pace-only running style: the plod.

Who's ready to take on the Challenge? Run 5km in under 30 minutes - good luck!

Run 5km in under 30 minutes successees

Success stories:

“29 mins 13. So pleased to get under the half hour and complete my first tribe challenge. I started out with the NHS couch to 5km podcasts and have built from there so if I can do it, anyone can.” -Lee C

“Set a fast pace and go left right left till it is done.” - Angel A

“I ran my first 5K in 2012 and ran it in 27:30. I was very happy with that. I have run 3 additional 5K races since that time and have dropped my time with every race. My next goal is to run a sub 25 minutes!!” - David L

Run 5 km

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    It's interesting funny to me. I started to run, july 2013. It lasted until this month, until I COULD complete 5km. (My actual best distance is 6.1 km, before I virtually collapse ;-) ) A calculated best time for me over the 5 km , is 33.5 minutes. Progress is extremely slow. In speed, in distance, and in muscle strenghtening as well. I HOPE to get under 30 minutes, but realistically calculating, that will not be before the end of this summer ? But, I get a different challenge out on the young people here : I start at 56 yo. I've got 2/3 normal lung size. Try do a run, while cutting off artificially your air intake after 2/3 of your intake capacity, AND go under 30 minutes !! .. ;-) CHEERS


    Love the idea of Challenge of the Month! Be back to running soon hopefully once I can walk :)

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    Wow Herwug, you are doing it tough, I wish you all the best in your endeavors and your challenge :)

    Alex D and Amanda C encouraged this.


    I want to complete this challenge so bad..We shall see if I'll be able to by the end of the month! I'll train my best! =)) Thanks @cags the challenge of the month is an awesome idea!!! =)))

    Inari J encouraged this.


    @peggy : (from your profile) "... I want to run sub 30 mins for a 5k, my PB is 31:37 ..." >You are better then me (33:30) ! ;-) So, know that the world is full of people who can't even make it at 40 minutes !! :-) CHEERS

    Peggy A and Amanda C encouraged this.


    I'm still that chasing under 30 mins this summer @herwigd I should be able to do it. Lose a little more weight, run a little more consistently. I WILL do it!!!

    Amanda C encouraged this.

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