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Posted by Steve R on 16 July 2011 at 10:51 AM

Challenge your friends!  We’ve been adding quite a few social features to the site recently, like being able to recommend a challenge or Tribe to a friend on Tribesports or Facebook and Twitter, and now the latest of those is the ability to challenge your friends to a challenge you’re taking – or even one that you're not taking yet.  Challenges are better shared - and you likely stand more chance of completing them when you have a friend support group - either motivating, or challenging you to push harder! Get some banter going - challenge your mates to bench their own body weight, or to exercise every day on holiday this summer - for example pick out the Facebook friend you think could do with a kick up the behind to get out there, and post a challenge to their wall.  We've been having a lot of fun with this in the office and with our friends - hope you enjoy as much!

Remember you can add Facebook and Twitter connections to your account from your page on the right hand side near your notifications or from

You can find the Challenge Your Friends section on the left hand column of any challenge page.

If you click on the Facebook icon, you can pick any of your Facebook friends to challenge - just start typing their name.  Add a personal comment (as mean or challenging as you like!) and click send.  It will then get posted to their wall.

You can also post it out to your Twitter followers by clicking the Twitter icon - we've put some basic text in - you can edit if you wish before posting it.

You can also challenge friends, team mates, club mates to take the challenge by email - enter their email address, separated by commas, add a personal message, and they will receive an email challenging them, referenced to you.

The email will arrive like this...

Have fun challenging your friends!