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Challenges to do with your Mom and with your Kids


Posted by Joanna R under General on 15 March 2012 at 9:52 AM

Mother's Day falls on different dates all over the world but this Sunday celebrates Mothering Sunday which always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Even if it's not Mother's Day in your country why not take time to do something active either as a mom, with your mom or even try and get in some tri-generation fun!

Go Hiking with Mom - OK so she may not fancy tackling Everest this weekend but that doesn't mean you can't walk to somewhere beautiful, pay for lunch and walk back.

Make your Mom Proud- make her smile the way she did when you first mastered riding a bike!

Race with Mom- whether it's your first 5k or you're both seasoned triathletes sign up and train together

Nature's Art Class- use the world around you to inspire your kids into being creative (you'll be amazed at what they come out with!)

Take a Nature Walk with your Kids - what could be nicer?

Bike or Run with your Kids - in the park, on-road or off-road getting your kids using exercise to get about is a great habit for life.

Go to the Golfing Range  - easy tiger! Try hitting some balls at the driving range.

The High-Low Game - if your kids have a tendency for the monosyllabic this is a great way to get them chatting away whilst also playing catch!

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    Mum's off to Scotland for Mother's Day but will go for a hike to a pub soon

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    We'll all be going for the annual family hike on Good Friday. It's a tradition going back to my grandmothers generation, and at the moment there are about 70 or so of my Mum's family that regularly meet, covering 4 generations. I'm really looking forward to it!

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    70 people? Less of a hike of a pilgrimage!

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