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Climbing motivation: Reel Rock 7


Posted by Jack A under Climbing on 24 June 2013 at 11:00 PM

Climbing videos don't get much better than the Reel Rock films. Showcasing some of the best climbers in the world climbing some of the most technical and exposed routes across the globe. 

Now if that's not some inspiration to get climbing I don't know what is! If you've never climbed before it's a great idea to start with indoor climbing to get used to the ropes, harnesses and techniques involved so what are you waiting for, find your nearest climbing wall, take the Try Climbing for the first time Challenge and get going!

You don't always need a wall to improve your climbing technique, pull-ups are a great way to train and you can even get climbing fingerboards which offers different sized ledges to do pull-ups off - try the ten fingerboard pull-ups Challenge and see how you get on.

Whether you've never tried climbing before or you're looking to find a few tips to push your grade to the next level, make sure you check out the Climbing Hub

Where are your dream climbing locations? Share them here!

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    For anyone that has never tried rock climbing I would seriously recommend that you give it a go. You will get fitter and stronger in an environment so much more enjoyable than a gym. An indoor climbing wall is a very accessible way to start - so give it a go. You will also be amazed at how mentally liberating and relaxing it is. Great video BTW

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