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Competition: How are you preparing for a Zombie invasion?


Posted by Cags R on 24 October 2013 at 11:00 PM

We've teamed up with the epic race series Run For Your Lives to bring you a week of Zombie preparation workouts so you'll be ready for whatever is thown at you this Halloween!

Zombie Competition

To launch the week of Zombie horror, we're giving you the chance to win a stash of gruesome prizes including:

  • Kettlebone kettlebellBodymax Kettlebone Kettlebell (courtesy of Powerhouse Fitnessin either 12kg, 16kg, or 20kg weight

  • 5 Join the Tribe Tshirts (well, you gotta look your best once you've survived the apocalypse!)

So, what do you need to do to get your hands on these prizes? Simple: share how you're training to survive a zombie invasion!

You can comment below with your best kickass zombie-training plan, Tweet @Tribesports with the hashtag #zombiesurvival, or comment on the Facebook post.

The winners will be announced on Sunday 3rd November.

**UPDATE 30th October 2013** Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Run For Your Lives race entries and discount code have been withdrawn from the prize draw. Alternate race prizes are being arranged.

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    I have and will continue to swim away from zombies. They are not good swimmers but can walk under water see: : 'Can Zombies swim?' Since I am a decent swimmer I have noticed that the zombies that do try to follow me end up getting tangled in shopping trollies or come out of the water with fetching traffic cones on their heads. :-)


    My Killer Circuit: 3 x { wide-grip pull-ups (max reps) crunches on BOSU (20 reps) push-ups on 2 BOSUs (max reps) side crunches on BOSU (20 reps/side) barbell lunges (20 reps/side) crunches on BOSU (20) close-grip pull-ups (max reps) side crunches on BOSU (20 reps/side) dumbbell flyes (max) crunches on BOSU (20) } [rest: 3' minutes between circuits]


    cardio isn't going to help us in the Zombiepocalypes! Zombies NEVER tire, so you're not going to out-distance it. HIIT and sprints- outpace the undead fiends until you can find something to climb onto. pullups + muscle ups- climb onto things, the walking dead are not so good at climbing, so getting onto things is a prime safe haven. Rope climbs would be a good addition to the above if available! plyometric jumping exercises- to reach things you want to climb into and can't...quite...reach... Also for jumping over legless zombies and other obstacles. Benchpress - in every zombie movie, at some point, someone ends up under a zombie trying to keep the teeth away from their neck, A good bench should help keep teeth and neck separated


    Running, rowing, hiking with the baby on my back, Pilates - trying to make sure everything is evenly worked out and in good shape. Also, losing weight - nobody's wants a growling stomach when you are trying to hide from zombies!

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    I'm doing core training, walking/running 2 miles 4-5 days a week, and working on my endurance. I'm out of shape and spent four days dying after my first rfyl race. It was too much fun not to train for the next race!

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    I practice by watching The Walking Dead on Sunday nights and taking tips from Rick and the gang on how to not get infected! Then I run during the week to keep up my stamina so Zombies can't catch me! I also practice my shooting playing Call of Duty: Zombies so when the real apocalypse comes I'll be ready! I already did the Run For Your Lives in NJ this year so I'll definitely be prepared next year!

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    I'm training. I am walking, hiking ,swimming and working on my endurance. I have seen people in very good shape be overthrown by the zombies, there were people throwing up because they weren't pacing themselves and their endurance was not at a high level. #1 zombies never stop ENDURANCE is a must!

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    Zumba! One of the best cardio workouts out there capable of burning 600-1000 calories an hour. It also encourages flexibility, stamina and fun! And if it still fails to help you survive, you've got a leg up (until it falls off) on your fellow zombies when it comes to dancing Thriller.


    I'm running , doing Zumba, and training with Spartacus! (the "Body-Weight Revolution" workout). I figure I may as well have as much physically-intense fun as possible in this process- I'd like to enjoy my final moments!

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    simple. Jump rope for quicker feet. Hill sprints for explosive power. running for endurance. kettlebell and body-weight training for functional strength. also watch every single zombie movie out there watch ppl get killed. see what there doing wrong. lol


    57 Years old, 256 lb, beginning of summer bought zombie run tickets, started paleo diet, running 2 miles, bicycle to work, swimming 200 strokes, 50 back strokes, September 1st, 57 yrs 230 lb start all of above and add in kickboxing, 300 strokes 150 back strokes swimming, October 14th 58 yrs 207 lb, paleo diet, (Mon. Tue. Wed. Thur. boot camp 4:30 am), (Sun. thru Thur 6:00 am swim 400 strokes 150 back strokes), (Mon thru Fri bike to work, Mon thru Fri lunch break run 2 miles), (Mon Wed Fri 5:30 PM Kick boxing), (7:00 PM Mon Tue Thur Fri 7:00 weight training), (7:45 PM Yoga) 8:00 Bed. This is my schedule until the zombie run. Ho Ra!


    Biking, Dragonboat, Cardio, Strength training :) When in doubt, grab a boat and paddle away, all that core and arm power is going to be useful somewhere along the way.

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    I've been waiting for the inevitable zompocalypse for most of my life, ever since seeing Michael Jackson's Thriller video. In preparation, I've been taking jazz and tap, because I figure if I'm dancing right alongside those rotting corpses, they'll be too busy to try to munch on my brain. In all seriousness, I lie awake at night sometimes, thinking of every possible escape route for my family out of the second floor of my house if there is a horde breaking in or what weapons I have readily available if there are only a few. Fitness-wise, I CrossFit six days a week at my local box. I also supplement cardio by doing Insanity 2-3 times a week during lunch, in addition to going on a 3-6 mile run when the mode suits me. I also have several years training in hand-to-hand combat, including Goshin Ryu Karate, judo, and Brazilian jiu-sitsu. Granted, I'll been wearing gloves and modified body armor if it came down to that. Of course, I'd take it easy on the zombies in the Run for Your Lives... While I have never done a zombie run, it's not for lack of wanting, just for lack of time and money, but I have done mud runs in the past. I would welcome the added challenge of avoiding mobs of the undead!


    I have been doing combinations of weight training and cardio, particularly swimming and running. I also have been training on my heavy bag so that I may punch through some undead skulls. Bring it on, zombies....bring it on.

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    Love those skull kettle bells first off! HIIT workouts, strength training and running when the heavens aren't pouring on us for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week like it has been!! I believe we have no rain tomorrow! Run it is then!

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    Question: How are you training to survive a zombie invasion? Answer: Hard.

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    Zombieland Survival Rule #1 : Cardio Zombieland Survival Rule#18 Limber Up! and I added: Zombieland Survival Rule #55 : Pump Iron Zombieland Survival Rule # 39: Squats and Lunges, Lunges and Squats

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    Cardio, strength training, working out with a trainer three times a week. Hoping to run two Spartan Sprints, a Super Spartan, and a Beast next year.

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    Running sprint intervals and distance, and lots of strength training

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    Mixed distance and sprints, HIIT training with a lot of body as resistance exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups of various types and styles, air squats, dips, ninja jump tucks and box jumps. I also do some heavier weight lighting, squats, bench, deadlifts, and shoulder presses, kettlebell work is fun to mix in with all this as well.

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    running and drinking small amounts of Zombie snot as an inoculation.

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    I play soccer and run 4 times a week. Yet whenever I have work at Bed Bath and Beyond and I have to top stock (which is putting heavy items on the top of the racks) I am excited because it makes me have to get stronger. Therefore this is how I am training. =D

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    My daily Kettlebell (GS) Pentathlon and Biathlon training should see me right - Make no mistake, I can run if necessary, no worries... But I would rather take my chances smashing the undead in the face my 20Kg Kettlebone from Bodymax ;)

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    Those skull kettlebells look mean, awesome creation! My training is consisting of interval training every morning on the elliptical machine (strong legs and stamina to run up and down hills away from the undead) strength training with my dumbbells, kettlebells and chin-up bar (upper body strength to be able to scale buildings when the zombies corner you, argh!), mountain biking (so I can take my wheels off road and navigate the forests when the city is no longer safe) and pad training (zombies may get deterred by a roundhouse kick or a few jabs if things get really hairy!). This is all well and good however my concern is if any of us do get turned, there will be some pretty challenging zombie opponents out there, stick together Tribers!

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    I am pretty good at lifting heavy things and putting them down again, my running isn't too bad and I regularly do yoga, but I reckon I am going to need more than this. I think I am guilty of sticking to the same stuff because I am good at it. Therefore my plan is to do as many new things as possible to be all round awesome! I have made a list of the things at the gym that I haven't done yet. Therefore my plan is to try: TRX training, kettlebells, x trainer, rowing machine and bosu ball. Then there are the classes Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance and pilates. Surely I'll be ready for anything!

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    When I'm on my REST days, I am singlehandedly digging a deep wide trench around our village which will be filled with hydrochloric acid come the zombie feeding frenzy (although there are possibly a few living among us already in this village). But on my training days it's running 10k plus for stamina, sprints and hills for speed, plyometrics for explosive power, Kettlercise and Bootcamp for functional strength, chasing an agility ball to develop evasive/dodging manoeuvres.

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    Kettlebell and battling ropes two days per week for cardio, core, and muscular endurance combined. I combine TRX and tabata intervals with old fashioned free weight circuits five days per week in the afternoons and a short cardio interval in the morning to keep my metabolism up all day. Also eat clean and every two to three hours...definitely set to outrun the zombies, or turn around and kick their asses if they get too close. Going to have a practice run at the Monster Dash today in St.Paul!

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    Running and running. Maybe I should add some rope climbing - never know when it could come in handy!

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    I've been running, bodybuilding, pullups, pushups, MetCon (kettle bell swings, burpees, box jumps, captains ropes) sweating my. ass off and getting STRONG!!!

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    Running and cycling long distance for endurance, Plyometrics for explosive power and on top of that strength training. If I can, I simply want to run away from any zombies I encounter, run, duck and weave. If I can't, am I allowed to punch them?


    Start with cardio for endurance. You're not going to survive if you tire out straight away. Mix in some machine, CV & weight based circuit training for strength and adaptability. For the circuit, at max level use each machine or weight for 30 seconds and the CV equipment for 1 minute-then change! Do this till failure. Finally doing some kickboxing, bodycombat or boxercise classes. So you have at least a chance of fighting them off if you're caught up with.

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    Definitely cardio! Working on getting into shape to outrun the zombies. Also some upper body workouts to build strength.

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    Crossfit classes and kick boxing! Waiting for warmer weather to start running! Need to power over the obstacles and fight off the zombies, not just out run them!

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    2 mile run than 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 body weight squats (5times without break). 2 minute rest than 30 (20 pound) ball slams followed by 1/4 mile run (3times 30 second rest between). 30 burpees than 1/4 mile run (3times 30 second rest). 5 hill sprints (3times 30 second rest between). 50 crunches 20 reverse crunches 20 leg raisers than 1/4 mile run (3times 30 second rest). 12 minutes of up and down steps. Saturday morning workout.

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    I'm doing intense cardio and endurance workouts including boxing to smash those zombies if i get caught, weight training 3 days a week to help lift all the weapons ill be carrying. And due to recent feet injuries ( Tarsal Tunnel) i can no longer do workouts that put pressure on my feet so I've swapped my weighted running for long bike rides daily so i can still build my leg muscles and I've recently started swimming 4 days a week! I Always workout to failure to get the best results and am finally building enough grip and arm strength to do PULL UPS!! just in-case i need to pull myself over a fence or up a tree while i am running away from all the Zombies! Once My Feet get better ill get back into running and the like and buy myself a kettle bell to do the Zombie workout :)

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    My zombie run training has cardio consisting of a run/hike to the canyon a mile down the street and totals about 6 miles do some in home strength training and pop yoga in a couple times a week, gotta be agile to get through those obstacles and juke out the zombies bang bang! I survived when I went so I guess it worked :)

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    My boyfriend and I are not entirely fit. We are training intensely by doing jogs (hopefully advancing to runs) three blocks around our neighborhood. We are also doing pushups, progressing the sets each week. We are doing curls and weight lifting. On my own, I do squats, lunges, and kickbacks to work out my chicken legs. I'm hoping to work my way up to do P96 workouts.

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    @qis but that's the solution: you punch their teeth out and all they can do then is chew you to death :))

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    Most importantly, the knowledge to survive alone in the wilderness without essential gear and a ready to go survival/bug out bag that is always kept accessible! The other important (fitness) aspects that I've considered are : 1) Endurance - This is key since my chance of survival increase by minimizing my contact with the zombies. I don't plan to take any chances so will stay away from them at all costs! I work on my endurance by incorporating regular long distance runs into my routine with increased speed and distance over time mixed in with HIIT sprint sessions to get that VO2 max boost 2) Strength - This is important as I will not only be carrying my own bodyweight around but also my bug-out-bag that is full of essential gear and useful items that I've managed to pick up along the way. I work on my strength by utilising customised callisthenic sessions that are similar to the workouts of fitness programs such as Freeletics, Crossfit, Rushfit, and P90X. 3) Flexibility and balance - These fitness aspects will increase my chances of remaining injury free when I am navigating the urban jungle of the city trying to get away from the zombie hoards. I work on them via regular sessions of Ashtanga yoga and of course the compulsory stretching before all other physical activities. I also practise my fundamental freerunning skills whenever I can. 4) Self defence - This is an often overlooked skill as there will be a lot of looting going on during the Zombie Apocalypse. To ensure that my loved ones and essential items remain safe, I need to be able to protect them from other humans as well! To be able to do this, I take regular sessions of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sessions that help me to get the take-down that bridges the realm of striking and grappling. I have also been trained in the use of firearms.

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    Mix of cardio and parkour, so you can vault over the obstacles!

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    Race preparation includes: started my own Fit Club doing 5 x sessions a week, mainly body weight exercises. Hoping to increase the weight classes with an awesome Kettlebone Kettlebell!!!!! Running 3 x a week to increase/maintain endurance. And weight training 2 x a week. Soccer training, soccer games, and touch football games are helping me to stay sociable and keep an eye on any competition I may have, and memorizing the slow ones to push in front of the zombies first ;)

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    Doing 2 to 3 mile runs 6 days a week and weight workouts and body weight exercises as well! I did the New England Run for you Lives run this year so now I know what to expect so I can be in better shape for next year. Need to work on those sprinting sections of the course where the hoards of zombies are at. Also training for the tough mudder next year that is 10-12 miles and 25 different obstacles. Bring it on!

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    You've got to start your zombie training plan with cardio, so I'll do distance or sprint running at least four days a week. Then I'll train with rock climbing and gymnastics. That came in handy when I ran Run For Your Lives a couple weeks ago. There's no obstacle that could get in my way in a zombie apocalypse! Of course all of this would go to waste if I didn't study as much zombie media as I can get my hands on. Thanks Walking Dead!

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    “ Been doing alot of running ( in organized race events too ) & jump rope, for cardio. Some Yoga for the flexibility, & some Martial Arts for overall conditioning. ( never know, when you might have to kick some Zombie arse ).Played some Soccer as well, just to spice things up a bit. Have also been watching my nutrition as well. Good healthy food is also a must, especially for the living....not the! "

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    Training every day, don't forget your cardio. Blunt weapons need to be swung w/ power, upper body is a must!

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    Starting with some light strength training and cardio!


    I've been working on a lot of muscular endurance. Rule #1 Cardio with Runner 5, and upper body muscular endurance using barbell complexes and body weight workouts.

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    Running..even if they are as fast as in World War Z, not a big chance to outrun the zombies horde :)

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    High-altitude trail running on Flagstaff Az. Urban trails 5ks daily!

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    This year was the first year our group the Mid West Mud Runners ran in run for your lifes. As any other competive runners we train by running, weight lifting etc, but what we found out this year it is not about how fast you matter in fact the faster ones lost there flags first. So this year are training is going to be more focused on not the physical aspect but the fast thinking skills, recruiting more runners to out weigh the zombie to runner. Big groups running together is the key to survival!!!! So one word for our training is RECRUITING!

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    Win Streak Workout Regime: 2 days of lifting plus 3 days of Les Mills Combat 56 ( each week. I've never worked harder in my life to continue my win streak. Just finished the Brooklyn race with 1 flag so I'd say it worked just fine. My record is now 2-0. I plan to continue it in the near future. Bring it on zombies!!!

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    I run 4 miles a day 5 days a week. I do kettleworx Kettlebell and Jillian Michaels extreme shed and shred. That's what prepared for the Run For Your Life this year and cant wait until next year :)

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    Most important thing, especially after partaking in the Seatle RFYL is sprints. You need to be able to do about a 50 yard sprint, and then very quickly be able to do another, and possibly even one more. Throw in some agility side stepping for good measure. Damn zombies...


    Army Ruck marches! at least 6 miles once a week with 50 pounds on your back. in a zombie apocalypse you have to be able to travel fast on foot while carrying all of your belongings. Then I build up my foundation of strength by power lifting three times a week following the Starting Strength program focusing on the Squat, Bench, overhead press, deadlift and power clean. I mix in sprints once a week for those moments when you have to be faster then zombies and endurance runs because zombies don't get tired so neither should you! I always get one WOD a day in, using sandbags carrys, rope climbs and of course sledge hammer swings (to practice knocking the heads off of zombies)

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