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Congratulations to user, and team member @arnaud - 1,000km run (so far) this year!


Posted by Steve R on 23 September 2011 at 3:09 PM

I remember when @arnaud first started as an intern, must have been about 14 months ago - he was a fit guy - a climber, but he barely ran.  Arnaud was walking to work about 5k, and I said to him - if it's only 5k, why not run it?  You're welcome to shower (at that point Tribesports was run from my apartment).  And so he did.  And he didn't stop!  Rain or shine, Arnaud got everywhere by running.  An addict was born!

He achieved his first (not organised) marathon as part of running an ultra (!), at 52km, on a leg of Andrew Murray's epic Scotland2Sahara run in November last year, running down the A1 and A40 in North London! And has been knocking off marathons and all sorts of runs since.

His gushing post about it is below - a really inspirational story - and shows the power of taking a Tribesports challenge - and amazing willpower and dedication - congratulations and well done Arnaud.



Arnaud's post:

This is it!

New Year’s Eve, the kind of day where you tell to yourself all the bad stuff you will stop and all the good stuff you will do... And then you share them loudly with all the people around you so they could remind you how fool you have been this day. Well, I told myself that for the year 2011, I will run 1,000 km... I just completed it!

I started the 1st of January. To make sure I have a good start I run over 32 km, the next days were aching, especially going downstairs. So I ran shorter distances: 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 km. I tried to run regularly, sometimes the lack of motivation was putting me down but I used several methods to keep running.

First, I asked to my friends each time if they wanted to come running with me. Most of the time I received a ‘no’, sometimes a ‘maybe tomorrow’ and rarely a ‘yes’. My favourite one being the ‘maybe tomorrow’ as I like to think of a run a day, a week, a month before, I feel that’s giving me more energy for the day of the run!

So I thought that I should sign up for races, so I did. I ran from 5 to 50 km races, best of all for me were:

  • Brathay Windermere Marathon – my first marathon.

  • Helsinki Marathon - my first marathon abroad.

  • Fairlands Valley Challenge 50 km - my first run with instructions / my first ultra marathon and what a run!

  • Resolution Finsbury 15 km - a nice run with my ‘maybe tomorrow’ friends.

Check out my sport profile - I use this website to keep me motivated. I am now on my way for training to run with barefoot running shoes! On to the next challenge!