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CrossFit Workout - Tribesports first time!


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 27 July 2013 at 11:00 PM

We're not afraid to try a new sport here in the Tribesports office, so when we were offered the chance to go to CrossFit Hackney, we couldn't say no.

CrossFit HackneyFor those of you who haven't heard of CrossFit, #1 - where have you been? and #2 no, seriously, it's everywhere - where have you been?!!

The basic principle is simple; CrossFit wants to make you "Fitter, Faster, Stronger and Leaner."  - and to achieve this, they use a cross between high intensity interval training, strength & conditioning methods, body weight exercises and - their secret ingredient - consistantly changing which combination of these exercises you'll be taking on each session.

For our beginner session, we were shown the ropes by Stretch, Geoff and Josh - the team at CrossFit Hackney who would take us through 60 minutes of sweating!

The thing with doing a 'taster' CrossFit session is that CrossFitters rarely do the same workout twice - so it was really just an introduction to their style of training rather than a 'what to expect every time'. Still, we were given a nicely broken-up session which started on gymnastics skill work, moved to strength & skill work, with metabolic conditioning (metcon) to finish.

Part 1: Gymnastics skill work

This started out with some exercises which are well-known in the Tribesports office - walking lunges, squat hops, Superman pose, forward-rolls (ok, it had been a while since most of us had done a rolly-polly) - but then we were also introduced to some CrossFit staples such as the Hollow Rock:

CrossFit Hollow Rock

There was a strong focus on the importance of your mid-line stabilization - which Stretch explained will make a whole range of other exercises easier. 

Part 2: Stength & skill work

This involved performing sets of deadlifts and then sets of toes-to-bar (or knees-to-elbows as a progression step) for 5 rounds. We started off with the CrossFit team teaching us the right technique for each exercise, which they then kept checking throughout the sets.

"The guys from CrossFit Hackney were great, I could see that the whole team was having a good time and being looked after with proper instruction and tips - it almost brought a manly tear to my eye seeing the rest of the team getting the chalk on and stepping behind a bar. It was awesome to get to try it and a really good workout." Adrian K

Deadlifting at CrossFit Hackney

"I've always struggled with deadlifts - something to do with sitting at a computer too much - but it was really helpful to have Stretch and the team correcting my form until I felt more comfortable with it." Andrew M

Toes to bar - CrossFit Whilst we worked our legs and back on the deadlift, the toes-to-bar were a really tough abs and core exercise (with a little shoulder endurance too!)

With each exercise we went through on the strength & skill section there were scaling options so that each member of the team, no matter their present level of fitness, would be able to do it.

The toes-to-bar exercise, for example, had variations to do knees-to-elbow or floor based modifications for those of us who could not hang on the bar as long.

Performing 6-8 reps on the deadlift and then as many reps as we could on the toes-to-bar meant we kept our work rate up whilst also learning the new techniques, the CrossFit Hackney coaches helping us whenever our form was slipping.

Part 3: Metabolic conditioning (metcon)

Did somebody order a sweatbox? This section of the training was HARD! First, we partnered up and were set 4 different stations to work on in 45 second circuits.

"Only 45 seconds, that's nothing" - I hear you cry - but these were max-effort stations which challenged our strength, speed and general will-power not to stop!!

Station 1 - Tyre flip                                                                              Station 2 - Sled Push

Tyre flip and sled push

Station 3 - Rope pull

CrossFit Rope Pull

Station 4 - Sled pull

CrossFit Sled Pull

This section of the training was awesome - having a partner to work with meant that you had to keep your work rate up in order to match theirs. This worked well in our group (even if Priya and Jenna look like they're having the time of their life on the Sled Pull!) and the instructors transformed from very friendly and informative gym instructors into drill-sergeants!

To finish off, we have what felt like an eternity (though in reality was probably about 3 minutes) of throwing medicine balls with squats.

Squat catch

"Awesome session - I haven't sweated that much for a while! Stretch and the guys do an excellent job of giving pointers for improvements on form whilst keeping the flow of the session going. Penalty burpees for laughing are a killer." - Jenna A

And the aftermath of this hour of CrossFit? Sweaty, exhausted, full of endorphins, wanting to do more. In fact, we feel this photo sums it up pretty well:

Knackered CrossFit

 2 days later: The Tribesports office is filled with people walking around like the missing link - well played CrossFit, you win this round!!

Have you ever trained with CrossFit? Share your favourite WOD below!