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Earn the view


Posted by Cags R under General, Hiking, Skiing on 8 June 2013 at 11:00 PM

All over the world, there are views which can only be seen through sport - whether it's the view on a trail run or the view from a skydive, sometimes you really feel like you've earned a good view! That's why we're sharing some of your 'Earn the view' moments:

The TS Photographers Tribe is a goldmine for photos of epic places which are only accessible through sports - whether it's hiking, skiing or mountain biking, these views are not to be missed.

No car access here - Tiffany G takes on the wire bridge near Steall Falls while on the hunt for an elusive cave:

Wire bridge near Steall Falls

"This was actually my second attempt at finding this cave. There had been some pretty bad wind-storms prior to that, so even the easy part of the hike was pretty tricky, there were fallen trees and broken up fences everywhere. We found the rocky slope without too much of a problem, but trying to locate a small cave when your view is mostly black and white because of the snow is quite difficult, as it turns out. It's marked on the map as about halfway up the slope, but we'd been told beforehand it's hard to see from the bottom.  We ruled out climbing up to try and find it as it was fairly icy and we didn't have the right kit for it, and eventually decided to double back and change our route to go to Steall Falls. That one was easy enough, there's a path all the way there, the only difficult part was convincing my friend to actually cross the wire bridge." - Tiffany G

You have to go 2 hours out of Beijing and go by foot to see this view - Brandon G's Great Wall of China photos are an inspiring look into one of the seven wonders of the world! (Check out the full album here)

Great Wall of China

"This is THE most amazing hike I ever went on. Only 3 of us on a full day hike over some of the older, un-restored section of the Great Wall. The drop was thousands of feet in some sections, and the wall was in rough shape - steep, missing steps, missing walls, towers in ruins. Absolutely Incredible!" - Brandon G

Risking it all for the photo - Jeanell N hikes Death Valley in order to capture this incredible view:Death Valley Hiking

"As a counselor I do walk and talk therapy and have seen the tremendous positive impact exercise can have on affect. This professional experience and my personal connection with my inner child make me want to earn my view. Forty years ago I was climbing trees, wandering meadows and making mud pies. Today not much has changed. That little girl wild, bold, completely free, unafraid to lose herself in discovery is still here. During challenging days she takes note of magical moments in nature and transports me to a place of giddy joy, excitement and wonder." - Jeanell N

Check out the famous steps of Moro Rock - another Jeanell orginal - which really encompasses the 'Earn the view' way of life:

Sequoia National Forrest Steps of Moro Rock

There are some things which are simply better from the air - Priya S  and Will H show off their speedflying skills in the Alps and the Pyrenees:

"The adrenaline sport of speedflying involves flying a speed wing which is almost like a small paraglider (6-15 meter squared).  It allows you to access places that are incredibly hard to reach by foot, flying through valleys and mountain formations.  The thrill of flying at high speed over amazing landscapes and the ability to land and take off on skis sets this sport apart from all others.  Knowing that you are only one of a few people taking in the stunning scenery is a great feeling.  There is risk involved in flying speedwings, and it is not for the feint hearted, so you must be brave enough to earn the view!" - Priya S


Check out Will's awesome video, flying over the slopes looks absolutely amazing (and the Go Pro footage is incredible!)

Where in the world was your best 'Earn The View' moment? Share it below!