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Events that should be April Fools but aren't...


Posted by Cags R under Running, Adventure Racing, Boxing on 31 March 2014 at 11:00 PM

Today is a day of pranks, tricks and general tom-foolery, so we thought we'd find the most obscure and peculiar events which you'd think were April Fools! BUT to give you a bit of a challenge - 1 of these events has been entirely made up, you have to pick which one it is.

Ready to decipher the nonsense from the made up (because, quite frankly, they're all pretty nonsensical), here we go:

  1. Run For Pies
    There are some runners who run because they've had one-too-many, but this race is all about keeping your eyes on the pies - if you clock a fast enough 5km time (sub 20min for men and sub 24min for women) then you win yourself a pie!

  2. Man Vs Horse Marathon
    A conversation in the pub can often lead to ridiculous debates, and none more so than the Neuadd Arms Hotel, where the very first Man Versus Horse Marathon was proposed. 

    The course was changed in 1982 to provide a more even match between the man and the horse resulting year on year in very close finishes - sometimes with the horse winning by only a few seconds. It took 25 years before a man finally beat a horse, Huw Lobb won in 2hrs and 5mins beating the fastest horse by 2 minutes. His feat was repeated 3 years later by Florien Holtinger, but the horse has remained unbeaten for the 5 years since.

  3. Marathon Du MedocMarathon du Medoc 
    Wine and running, this race will leave you with DOMs and a hangover for your toubles!

    Leave your energy gels at home, the supporters and fuel stations of the MdM will be serving up French delicacies such as froie gras, regional cheeses and cured meats, all washed down with the region's famous wines. 

    But before you start to think this is some high-society wine-and-cheese party, prepare yourself for fancy dress, vineyards and probably a few more vomits than your average marathon course!

  4. King of SpHill
    Beer belly runningContinuing the booze-y theme, but for those who feel 26.2 miles is a bit too far to go and 6 glasses of wine is not quite enough liquid refreshment, we have Beer Belly Running.

    18 pints of beer, teams of 2 - 5 people must carry the barrel 5km per team member and empty the barrel in order to win! So a team of 2 must run a total of 10km, carrying the barrel and drink 9 pints each - a team of 5 would run 25km, carrying the barrel and have 3 and a half pints each.

    Tactics play a big part of this race; do you drink first and carry a lighter load with a fuller stomach or go slow and steady? It really is a numbers game.

  5. Wife Carrying Contest
    A Scandinavian speciality - wife carrying is no laughing matter. The grand prize in the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival is your wife's weight in beer - which is a minimum of 45kg of beer. Wives that are too light will have to have an extra helping of Swedish meatballs or carry weights to meet the minimum requirement.
    Wife Carrying Race
  6. Mario Adventure Race
    Mario Race"I'm-a Luigi, number 1!" - If you don't get the reference then you clearly had a misspent youth in the great outdoors, rather than finally getting 1st place on Rainbow Road on Mario Kart racing on your Nintendo 64.

    Well now, the 2 childhood favorites are combining in possibly the most epic adventure race for mud lovers and gaming-nerds alike: The Mario Race Series.Whilst marathon runners may rely on bananas as a quick boost of energy, you will be using them to pelt your fellow competitors as you battle through the course!

    Mario Race

    Costumes are pretty much compulsory and there will be prizes handed out throughout the day for the most obscure nerdtastic in-jokes so get involved.

  7. Chess Boxing
    Mind over matter just got a whole new meaning. Chess boxing, as the name suggests, alternates rounds of boxing with rounds of chess, testing physical strength agility and cunning along with problem solving and tactics.
    Chess Boxing
    Winning at chess boxing can take place in the ring or on the board - a checkmate, knockout, technical stoppage or resignation at any point will end the game, but those who excel at chess boxing do tend towards the more typical boxer's build rather than your stereotypical chess champion! 

  8. The Great Bull Run
    Returning the earlier animal theme - Pamplona has hosted the Running of the Bulls for centuries, but you don't have to fly to Spain to take part in a Bull Run anymore - The Great Bull Run is available in 10 locations in the US so grab a red scarf and prepare to grab life by the horns!