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Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training, General on 29 February 2012 at 10:21 AM

Statistics can be quoted about the percentage of people who are over weight or obese but this seems unnecessary - just look around, this is something that needs addressing. Failing that, check out this video from Dr Mike, who does a brilliant job of explaining the problem we all need to be set on solving.

30 minutes activity a day Challenge
is not just a challenge, not even a campaign. It is a pledge, an expectation, a minimum, a promise that people must make to themselves, their family and their commitment to their own health.

So, grab your mates, work-colleagues and family and try out some of our recommendations to get them kick started into an active half hour a day:

  1. Try a sport you've never done before - try out some new activities in a group to see if it rekindles a sporting passion in some of your more dormant pals!
  2. Home Core Circuit.- recommend this to a portly-mate as these exercises all require you to use your own body weight to work against for resistant training. By strengthening your core you actually help your bowel movements and decrease the chances of colon cancer: to quote Scrubs ‘everything comes down to poo!’
  3. 50 press-ups before every shower you have - pick a time and stick with it. This Challenge is great for forming habits and routine - you can always substitute press-ups for another exercise and you can start with smaller sets to work your way up to 50. 
  4. Kettle Time - use it wisely, wall squats, planks and other prolonged isometic muscle contractions are perfect for your kettle time Challenge - low sweat and can be great accumulators.

  5. Get the kids off the couch Tribe - use family-time to help your loved ones get their 30 minutes. Walk the kids to school, go to the park before dinner and whenever you want the car keys grab your cycling helmets instead! Share your ideas in this Tribe too!

So let's make a real habit for life and get more people out there cracking on with some top Challenges!