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Exclusive First Look: Introducing Tribe Privileges


Posted by Steve R on 9 June 2014 at 11:00 PM

Last August, Tribesports members helped drive the Kickstarter campaign to change the face of sportswear. You not only backed the launch of Tribesports Performance Wear, you backed the world's first community-powered sportswear brand.

Community involvement - from your training to your design input - you are what makes Tribesports different. We want to empower all athletes, and encourage people to join us and stay active. The community drives our business decisions, the direction of our products and the way that we grow as a Tribe.     

In a couple of hours, we will be introducing some changes to the shop, and we wanted you to be the first to hear about it. *
*These changes are now active in the Tribesports shop - click on the image below to find out more

Introducting Tribe Privileges

Our prices will be changing and we will be introducing a Tribe Privileges programme, where, as a Tribe member, you will unlock discounted prices and exclusive offers based on how active you are.

We welcome all people who visit Tribesports, even if they're just looking to shop and purchase market leading quality sportswear. But we want to celebrate you - the Tribesports members who log their training, share their advice and encourage others to do more sport. You have believed in the Tribesports ethos from the very beginning, and that's why it is you who we wish to reap the rewards of the new Tribe Privileges.

With this change, our list prices will increase - although importantly, even to non-members, for the same quality sportswear, we are still cheaper than the industry leading sports brands. 

This movement in price is made in part to reflect our supply chain costs (we only ever work with the best factories and do not compromise on quality); to ensure that our RRP places our products at the appropriate price level in the market (our previous pricing made it very difficult to convey the quality of our product - which our customers consistently told us was premium) ; and most importantly, so that on balance, we can pass on larger savings to our active community members - you! Our historic pricing allowed us no room to offer you deals over and above Joe Public, and that didn't feel right to us.

Tribe privileges are our way of recognizing Tribesports members and rewarding you for being a part of the Tribe.

TRIBE PRICETRIBE PRICING                                        

All Tribesports members automatically qualify for Tribe pricing, a 15% discount off listed prices.

If you already have a Tribesports account, it will be quick and simple to activate your Tribe pricing:
Visit and follow the instructions in the pop up box that will appear on the page.

New members: if you don't have an account but wish to Join the Tribe, simply sign up with the speedy sign-up process and confirm your password in the Tribesports shop.

On top of the 15% Tribe price discount, with a bit of sweat all members can unlock fitness activated discounts on Tribesports apparel, making it lower priced than ever before. You workout, we reward. #OwnYourMarks

Tribe Privileges Sweat & SaveSWEAT & SAVE                    

How it will work:

We love to see you sweat. Each month, we’ll be setting you new Challenges - they may be individual Challenges, they may be team based or they may be a collective effort for all Tribers to work towards together.

If you contribute, you will unlock exclusive discounts as a reward for your fitness efforts. Why waste money sponsoring pro athletes, when we could sponsor you?

Our new Sweat & Save system means that you can unlock 5%, 10% or 20% extra off your Tribe pricing - you just have to complete one of the monthly Sweat & Save Challenges to qualify - the more you sweat, the more you save!

Table for Sweat & Save discounts

We'll be releasing the first Sweat & Save Challenges later today so pick your savings and prepare to get sweaty!

These changes have been brought in to put even more community-power into your hands - you've helped design the products, now you can set your own prices too.

*Update: 10/06/14 3pm GMT - these changes are all now active - you can visit the Sweat & Save page in the shop to find your first Challenges to #SweatAndSave