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Facebook Push Up Challenge: I think we broke the boys...


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 11 June 2012 at 11:00 PM

Last week Adrian created the Facebook Push Up Challenge: post the Challenge as your Facebook status and for every 'like' it gets you do 5 push ups.

Being the caring co-workers that we are in the Tribesports office we thought it would be a good idea to make it the Tribesports Facebook status that Jack and Adrian would perform the push ups for every like the status received. 

With fear in their eyes, Adrian and Jack nervously refreshed the page about 10 times per minute and to their horror the 'likes' kept rolling in! 25 in the first half hour - "America aren't even awake yet!!" - and before we knew it we'd reached the end of the 48 hours. The total number of likes: 98. This translates to 490 push ups for one day!

So being the sensible lads they are they rested up before this mammoth Challenge...well no, Jack went climbing and Adrian started a new weight regime for his chest - clever chaps! But this did not prevent them from taking on their push up Challenge and by 12.30 both Adrian and Jack were on 310 push ups each (on informing Jack this he promptly did 30 more so he was in the lead!)

 Easy now, this is not a race! But if it were then Adrian's lunch break gave Jack the lead - ever wondered what 490 push ups look like when they go really fast? Neither had we but here you go: 

"I massively underestimated this Challenge" - Jack A

"Even opening the door is hard now..." Adrian K

So would you trust your Facebook friends to be kind to you on this Challenge?

Post the Facebook Push Up Challenge as your status and see how many you'll be doing!