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Featured Workout: Beginner Bodyweight Routine


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 17 August 2013 at 11:00 PM

Maria C profileCheck out Maria C's Beginner Bodyweight Routine - this is a great intro to bodyweight circuit training:

Maria's workout combines complimentary exercises which gives you a full body workout which targets different body parts, providing a well-rounded workout. 

As with all Workouts in the new training functionality on Tribesports, you can tailor it to exactly your level of fitness - whether you're just starting out or are already a body weight beast! Simply edit the exercise depending on the reps you performed, you can then retake the workout as many times as you want.

Beginner Bodyweight Routine

What's involved and which muscles will it work:

  • Jumping Jacks - raising your heart rate and warming up your muscles, jumping jacks are a great way to kick of a body weight workout

  • Russian Twists - hitting your obliques, add a medicine ball to Russian Twists to increase the workout

  • Burpees - you either love them or you hate them... actually it's quite rare to find someone who actually loves them... abs, legs, glutes and arms - you may not like them but they are effective!

  • Leg raises - using the weight of your legs as resistance, you can get a highly effective lower abs workout, go slow on the downward phase to really challenge your muscular control

  • Bench dips - work your triceps with bench dips, straighten your legs to increase the workload

  • Body Weight Squats - great butts are built with squats! Really work your glutes by going past parallel and perform ass-to-grass squats

  • Mountain Climbers - another burst of cardio in the workout, mountain climbers will work your legs and abs as well as getting your heart rate higher

  • V-ups - this tough crunch variation is awesome for your abs, if you struggle as a beginner, swap the V-ups out for sit-ups

  • Plank - it's you against the clock, hold a solid plank position to work your core

  • Bridge - the ying to plank's yang, the bridge will work your glutes and back

Maria's earned herself a Join the Tribe Tshirt for her awesome Workout! Also, look out for more featured workouts coming soon - it could be anyone's.

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    I like it Maria, I will just amend the squats to 100 for a challenge, looks great for the week @barryy

    Barry Y and Maria C encouraged this.


    Perhaps week 35! We needed to finish off a few challenges and I still have one or two lurking in the cupboard!

    Barry Y and Maria C encouraged this.


    What do you mean "beginner"? Haha I wouldn't consider myself a beginner but I almost died doing this .. I need to rethink my whole fitness life!

    Cags R and Maria C encouraged this.


    "As with all Workouts in the new training functionality on Tribesports, you can tailor it to exactly your level of fitness - whether you're just starting out or are already a body weight beast!" #JustSayin'

    Maria C encouraged this.


    Honestly, when I first got the email I thought it was a prank but now find it very exciting! Woo-hoo! Can't wait for my shirt!...I named it "Beginner" because I still consider myself one, but this still allows for a beginner to push him/herself or to work up to. (Depending on the day, some attempts have been easier than others for me). But as Cags writes "you can tailor it to exactly your level of fitness." :) Happy Tribesporting!


    Tried this one yesterday after 15 minutes of warming up on the treadmill. Swapped the Russian Twists for Leg Raises and the V Sit ups for Crunches, I was still winded after 45 minutes. Nice workout! Will do it again today after a 20 minute warmup on the Eliptical machine.

    Cags R encouraged this.

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