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First faces of Tribesports Performance Wear


Posted by Cags R on 23 November 2013 at 12:00 AM

After a week of Tribesports Performance wear landing on doorsteps around the globe, here are some of the first new faces of Tribesports!

Using social integration of the #OwnYourMarks page on the new shopping site, we can see all the epic photos of real sportspeople in their brand new kit:Faces of Tribesports

There have been climbers, runners, lifters, yogis, hikers - we could go on but you get the idea, all putting the new Performance wear through its paces. If you've ordered with us already, then here are a few ways that you can get fully involved with the community-powered range:

  1. #OwnYourMarksonce you have your kit, be sure to send in your photos wither by uploading direct to or via Twitter and Instagram (just like these guys did!) and you'll be featured across the shop and have the chance to win £100/$150 of store credit

  2. Review your sportswear - this is community-powered sportswear so we need to know what you love about your kit as well as how you think we could improve it for the future. So far, we've had some great feedback from the likes of Nuchi and Katherine M who've already been testing and reviewing the kit.
  3. Spread the word - we don't believe in pro-endorsement, that's why we rely on real sportspeople like you to spread the word about Tribesports Performance wear!

Thanks again for making the launch week such a success - can't wait to see more of you sharing your first training session in the new kit!

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    I'm patiently waiting. Hoping a package arrives before 1st December. :o)

    Dave W and Nuchi N encouraged this.


    “ Hoping to receive my kit soon. I'd like to be the first person in Trinidad, to rock these ;) "

    Nuchi N and Te Aroha C encouraged this.


    Mine came on Wednesday. Really nice, but quite...erm...snug. Definitely athlete-shaped, so I'd better work on losing the belly. Otherwise I'd need an XL to fit non-embarrassingly, which is just absurd.

    Nuchi N and Te Aroha C encouraged this.


    Yes, I agree with Tom. If you don't want them to fit tightly on you, you need to go up a size bigger. For someone curvy, it is a must. I feel a bit weird having to order size L for my second batch but that is what fits better and I feel more comfortable. So don't be afraid of ordering a size bigger ;-)

    Te Aroha C and Lavinia I encouraged this.


    Can't wait for the package :). I'm from the Philippines so it might take longer for me to receive my orders.

    Nuchi N and Te Aroha C encouraged this.


    I find sizing a bit off -waist/hip or whatever else its called is bigger then usual and shoulder arm length is cool. Im a small size and my partner medium, and have different shaped bodies and still both have issues of waist being to big. Cannot really go smaller as shoulders will be small then. I just do not understand if fabric is stretchy why to do such a wide waist/hip? The rest i like very much :)

    Te Aroha C encouraged this.


    Woo hoo. Mine turned up on the doorstep today which was a lovely surprise to come home to after a full days board meeting 350 km south of home. Been rather slothful this week, but with my new threads, inspired to get out and about, despite the pitiful weather. Top sizes are perfect, and feel awesome. As for bottoms, I'll let you know. Will post picks on Sunday. :o)

    Cags R and Lavinia I encouraged this.


    Yay, I just got mine, love it, especially the silky feel :D

    Te Aroha C encouraged this.


    “ My uncle from the Bronx, N.Y received my package for me, yesterday. He in turn, will send it to me, here in Trinidad & Tobago. ( I arranged it this way,to minimize shipping costs ) . THANKS, Tribesports Team ;) "

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